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21 Feb 2017

If you are not leveraging Contact Center Monitoring tools, then who is holding your agents accountable? Because it can be so difficult for Contact Center managers to keep a handle on their operations, it is important to leverage a solution that empowers supervisors with historical and real time data. As a leading provider of contact […]

23 Jan 2017

When booking a Salesforce Call Center demo, focus on tools that shorten sales cycles and increase engagement channels. With the mindset to extend the core functionality of Salesforce, triggering screen pops and launching outbound campaigns should drive your contact center search. Interested in a quick demo clip of our product – For those unfamiliar with […]

17 Jan 2017

Finding the Right Business Phone System We are often pegged the question which features separate out Business Phone System from competitors. As an industry leader, we break this down into three (3) key groups – Business Phone System for Sales, Business Phone System for Support, and Business Phone System for CRM. Before we jump deeper […]

9 Jan 2017

Over the course of the next six (6) months, we follow Mason Console’s journey training for the San Diego marathon – Don’t forget to keep up with his monthly updates. At Contivio.com not only do we sell our top-grade Contact Center solution, but promote health and happiness throughout our staff. Our entire Contivio.com team is […]

6 Jan 2017

Sifting through raw data can be tough without a clear understanding of contact center KPIs that require the most attention. As a leading global provider of cloud phone systems, we understand what metrics drive success, failure, and in some cases disastrous results relative to customer satisfaction. With top-end solutions, accessing engagement metrics should be quick […]

19 Dec 2016

With effort to help our customers get more out of their Contact Center for NetSuite investment, we’ve added a game changing new feature – our next-gen auto-dialer driven directly from the CRM. Not only will this drive agent efficiency and productivity, but more importantly shorten sales cycles. Ready for a quick sneak peek? Within NetSuite’s […]

18 Nov 2016

At Contivio.com, we understand how important it is to have real-time data in a timely fashion, without a lot of hassle. In order to provide our users to access the information they need to make important decisions, we’ve added a new administrator feature for contact center leads, sales managers, and other team leaders to do […]

5 Nov 2016

In our ongoing effort to meet our client needs, Contivio.com has added an exciting new product feature, Agent Scheduled Calls! This end-user capability that has already rolled out to customers, allows you to schedule an automatic call-back based on a given date and time. For instance, if you’re on the phone with a customer and […]

30 Oct 2015

Where are you from originally? I was born in Pensacola, FL to a military family and I moved around a lot when I was younger, but I have called Sacramento, CA my home for about 10 years now. What is your daily role? My daily activities can range from chasing down leads to creating informational […]

19 Aug 2015

With a dynamic team here at Contivio.com, we thought it would be a great idea to provide employee profiles for our worldwide customer base. To get to know our staff a little bit better, we’ll profile employees over the coming months. Today we spoke with Adrian Oleksiewicz, one of our customer support engineers. Where are […]

14 Apr 2015

Put an End to Dreadful Wait Times Driven by the voice of the customer, virtual queue management enables contact centers to wave goodbye to dreaded wait times, through cloud-callback technology. With traditional voice solutions, calls enter the IVR as customer frustrations increase in parallel. Although this model is suitable for smaller operations, companies with high […]

6 Apr 2015

When it comes to acclimating new hires, or improving the skillset of seasoned vets leveraging the right call monitoring functionality is crucial. With a flooded market of call monitoring software, finding a best-in-class solution can be challenging. Far too often companies claim to provide what they market as tier-1 functionality, when reality proves otherwise. As […]

25 Mar 2015

Another exciting Microsoft Convergence event has come and gone, which we’ve been honored to sponsor for the past five (5) years. With the dust finally settling from a busy week, crunch time is now upon sponsors to grow their customer base through booth visitors. With a tradeshow theme of empowering people, organizations and industries to […]

25 Feb 2015

The Simple Way to Improve Daily Efficiency One thing is for sure, regardless of your current industry (e.g., sales, marketing and/or finance), leveraging a contact center dialer will radically increase your daily productivity. Opportunities are derived through your ability to locate target prospects faster than competitors, unfortunately, this is easier said than done without contact […]

4 Feb 2015

With a market flooded with solutions, only seasoned leaders provide a true NetSuite VoIP integration platform tailored to the end user.  From an efficiency perspective, syncing your phone system and NetSuite will provide both short and long-term benefits, but the trick is finding the right provider. As an industry leading provider, please feel free to […]

14 Jan 2015

While often interchangeably affiliated, understanding the differentiation between a contact center vs. call center is paramount. Within traditional call center environments, the main interaction channel between customers and agents focused solely on voice communications. Whether that be inbound support agents taking calls, or lead generation agents tackling endless contact lists, revenue generation was strictly voice […]

19 Dec 2014

When companies offer contact center rewards, agents are incentivized to stand out amongst their peers. Most supervisors recognize this, as such being creative with contact center rewards is important. With budget constraints always an issue with contact centers, creativity oftentimes requires an outside-the-box mindset. Supervisors must determine which approach works best for their team, whether […]

12 Dec 2014

When contact center questions focus around call tracking, oftentimes customer question the value of call recording. Generally speaking companies have multiple reasons for needing a solution with call recording capabilities. Whether company policy requires it, or leveraged as a call-coaching tool, benefits and disadvantages can both be argued. As a tool we use strategically in-house, […]

5 Dec 2014

With a market flooded with providers, tracking which contact center trends distinguish leaders from the pack is a crucial. As the customer, purchasing power will drastically improve when companies offer their solution via concurrent user pricing models. By implementing a concurrent user price approach, customers are rightfully billed based on how much the system is […]

26 Nov 2014

With thanksgiving upon us, one of the tips we provide customers is to ensure contact center holiday routing is configured. With fluctuating operational hours, a product of different holidays, companies should generate holiday schedules into their contact center. Within the workforce management portion of your contact center, the functionality will exist to add various holidays, […]

21 Nov 2014

We’ve all had memorable experiences, but some of the most controversial contact center humor moments happen because of simple oversight. When contact center agents venture away from rules set forth by supervisors incidents happen. From an outsider perspective contact center humor is great, but from a company and profitability perspective these types of incidents are […]

13 Nov 2014

Reaching more leads in an effective streamlined fashion should be a direct focus of your sales professionals. By decreasing agent idle time, and increasing direct-customer interactions, leveraging a predictive dialer tool can be a huge advantage to any contact center environment. By generating a mathematical formula to calculate the dials-per-agent ratio, predictive dialing campaigns eliminate […]

7 Nov 2014

Never forget the value in having great contact center agents. Agents are your number one asset, and having the knowhow to acclimate them quickly is invaluable. The contact center agent onboarding process can be strenuous at times, but remember no two agents are alike. Although companies ideally hire agents with past experiences, keeping a solid […]

29 Oct 2014

Driven by innovation and collaboration, contact center trends continue evolving to accommodate rising customer demands. This puts contact center managers on high alert to ensure changes to their customer-facing environment target the voice of the customer. One such contact center trend, screen pops, are becoming a common norm within contact center environments. To provide tier-1 […]

30 Sep 2014

As contact center trends continue to change, the life of agents will steadily evolve. With customers targeting real-time communication channels, companies must be quick to adapt on-the-fly. One such avenue, live chat, continues gaining steam throughout contact center deployments worldwide. As companies embrace live-chat software, the benefits are starting to shine bright. Examples include: Interaction […]

28 Aug 2014

To squash the notion call centers are nothing more than cost centers, companies must overcome contact center challenges. By mitigating issues, operational expenses can be drastically cut and allocated elsewhere. Although defined as a core strength of cloud-based solutions, without a proper deployment companies will overshoot their forecasted ROI. This requires companies to look in […]

31 Jul 2014

The key to a smooth operation is the strategic configuration of your contact center workforce management platform. By leveraging your strengths, and preparing to mitigate your weaknesses, your daily agent output will drastically increase. Dynamic contact center solutions accommodate this, by supplying the tools and functions required to optimize your workforce. As it relates to […]

21 Jul 2014

Foundation for Success When customers interact with your company, certain expectations exists with respect to contact center etiquette. Given the position your contact center agents play in dictating customer loyalty, creating a structured customer-facing environment is vital. Be aware, any improper actions from your contact center agents will all but crush any customer loyalty that […]

11 Jun 2014

Not All Contact Center Statistics Are Important Given the rising demand of cloud-based solutions, it is not surprising to see contact center statistic discussions throughout the internet. Within a typical contact center environment, KPI measurements such as first call resolution rates drive overall contact center success, but with the market flooded with stats where should […]

8 May 2014

Loosing Customer in Your Contact Center IVR? Technological advancements such as contact center IVR solutions give companies the edge as it relates to customer interactions. Through the deployment of an IVR solution, the ability to route multiple customers simultaneously, without any human interaction is now feasible. IVR solutions allow businesses to maintain high levels of […]

2 Apr 2014

Top 3 Contact Center Utilization Rate Statistics Productive work environments require a balanced contact center utilization rate. What that means is your team is structured in ways to optimize the technology deployed, ensuring various KPIs and metrics are achieved. Given that fact information is rapidly changing real-time, identifying key contact center utilization rate statistics will […]

1 Mar 2014

Quality Assurance & Monitoring Done Right Providing best-in-class customer service takes time, but with advanced contact center monitoring functionality in place the process will be simplified. Monitoring tools allow supervisors to properly on-board agents, and ensure the customer facing aspect of the company is targeting the voice of the customer (VOC). By understanding the needs […]

1 Jan 2014

Contivio.com’s Approach to Selecting a Contact Center Solution Provider Choosing the right contact center solution provider can be a daunting task for anyone. With a steady rise in demand, and new solutions penetrating the market each week, the buying process is more difficult than ever. Because customer satisfaction is driven around superlative customer service, choosing […]

1 Dec 2013

Quick Deployment, Rapid ROI Through the rapid growth of cloud-based solution, Contact Center remote agents are beginning all more common. Despite the Yahoo.com controversy of 2013, the upward trend of deploying agents remotely continues to rise. So much so, that by 2016, Forrester research estimates over 43% of the US workforce will be deployed remotely. […]

2 Nov 2013

Prioritze a Contact Center Demo Checklist To deliver your audience a truly optimized contact center demo, we must first define what constitutes a successful end-result.  First off, software demoing requires a unique combination of personal, communication and presentation skills that will leave your audience captivated from the minute introductions are made. Second, at some point during […]

2 Oct 2013

The Benefits of Deploying Contact Center Remote Agents Through the rapid growth of cloud-based solution, Contact Center remote agents are beginning all more common. Despite the Yahoo.com controversy of 2013, the upward trend of deploying agents remotely continues to rise. So much so, that by 2016, Forrester research estimates over 43% of the US workforce […]