The Contact Center Agent Toolbar built for CRM

Empower your agents with full-featured contact center agent apps deployed as a toolbar. No more toggling between contact center applications or fumbling with a phone and handset, simply manage your communications and calls through the App, toolbar, and soft pad.

Patented Agent Toolbar App

  • Interactive Toolbar Browser – The power of located within your web browser will full functionality and media handling capabilities.
  • Telephone Soft Pad – On-screen dialing pad used to perform outbound calls.
  • Call Conferencing – Establish call sessions with multiple participants…Up to 5 additional callers using the soft phone.
  • Call Transfer – Relocate or push an existing telephone call to another phone/Agent.
  • Call Transfer Hold – Allows a person to transfer a call to a designated agent where the call remains on hold until the agent is available.
  • Call Hold – The ability to temporarily place a caller on hold.
  • Schedule Calls – Book follow up call directly from an agent sidebar.
  • Find Me, Follow Me – External phones will be dialed to find Agents if the initial line is not answered.
  • On-demand Call Recording – The ability to manually record calls and store those calls as a hyperlink in your CRM.
  • Agent Instant Messaging – The ability to message internally using the agent instant messaging app.
  • Voicemail Management – Agents can create their own personal Voicemail message when calls are not answered.
  • Break Codes – Define Agent work status and availability.
  • Call Dispositions – Classify calls with a predefined result (e.g., call back customer, etc.).
  • Call Scripts – Scribe exactly what your Agents should say and/or ask when engaged with a Customer.
  • Agent Notepad – Built in notepad that will route to additional agents when calls are transferred.
  • Agent Chat – Agents may engage with customers or internally with other Agents/Supervisors using the web chat feature.
  • Recent Activity – Up to date activity list for quick call back abilities.
  • Call Wrap Up – Allocate a call wrap up period once the call is concluded to close out your notes or send follow up emails.
  • History Search – The ability to review your prior communication with a customer by identifiers such as customer account ID.
  • Online Help – 24/7 online help documentation for configuration of your contact center.

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