Contact Center CRM Integration

Contact center CRM integration is synonymous for great customer service and faster lead conversion. This is why CRM integration is so fundamental to growing businesses in an increasingly competitive and evolving marketplace. With smarter business intelligence tools, organizations can track and monetize in real time customer interactions and prospect engagements. Hence, why Support, Sales, Services, and Marketing teams need an established contact center with CRM integration that is dependable, scalable and obvious.’s patented CRM integration technology, CloudConnect, is the only one of its kind putting the integration into the end-users hands, not a developers. It integrates within minutes to the industry leading CRM solutions such as, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Oracle and many more. Organizations already benefiting from this unique contact center CRM integration technology are experiencing:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster lead generation and conversion
  • Increased user productivity and operational efficiency
  • Better visibility to data
  • More informative reporting

What is the Best Contact Center CRM Integration

There are a number of key factors to consider when evaluating what is the best contact center CRM integration. Traditionally, Support, Services, Marketing and Sales teams deployed many software applications to meet their own communication needs and company’s objectives, none of which were cross-functional. An integrated contact center goes beyond the pulling and pushing of data, it consolidates the range of business unit requirements into one unified, cross-functional solution, thereby, conforming to the way users and business processes really work. Fundamental features of a true CRM integration are:

  • Standard, out-of-the-box integration requiring no code no matter how custom the CRM
  • Integrated browser toolbar console to maximize CRM screen real estate – no toggling between the contact center and the CRM
  • Prioritized media routing based on the data stored in your CRM
  • Screen popping the CRM account, lead, opportunity, case, and/or contact records based on inbound or outbound media traffic
  • Click-to-dial any number within your CRM to make an outbound call
  • Automatic uploading contact center data to your CRM – call recording, call dispositions, call notes, chat logs, email chains, etc.
  • Automatic call back activities based on CRM updates – new social lead
  • Integrated outbound campaign management – predictive dialing, IVR broadcast, survey

Two (2) stand out features of CRM integration which empower your Support, Service, Marketing, and Sales teams with the ability to access information immediately are contact center screen pops and contact center call recording.

Contact Center Screen Pops

Using’s patented CloudConnect technology puts the CRM integration into the end-users hands so they can create contact center screen pops with no coding or APIs. Contact center CRM integration needs to be fast, easy and maintainable for a non-technical end user. Screen pops cannot require continual third-party maintenance to update code for every CRM update and customization. Organizations cannot afford to lose time and money on costly integrations.’s contact center CRM integration technology was developed by a team of industry experts. It is the world’s most advanced connector as it empowers end users to create contact center screen pops within mere minutes, no matter how customized your CRM solution is. Through simple mouse clicks, CloudConnect will learn and memorize your navigation of the CRM to replay when triggered by an inbound or outbound call, chat, email, SMS, fax, voicemail, or social message. The result is an instant screen pop of the exact CRM record and field for you to review past activities, take notes, and create follow up reminders.’s contact center screen pops will have your cloud contact center and CRM seamlessly working together as one application, focusing your attention on what is important – customer satisfaction and prospect engagement.

Contact Center Call Recording’s CRM integration delivers the most comprehensive contact center call recording capabilities. Additionally, it enables organizations to record and log all other media interactions and communications. With a complete history of recordings and activity logs, you can generate valuable business insight through’s live reporting statistics and contact center quality monitoring solutions.By capturing, saving and managing your team’s phone, chat, email and SMS communications, Management and Supervisors can make sure users comply with regulations and internal policies, mitigate risk of litigation, monitor quality of service, and leverage recorded calls to gain business insight and train new hires.

Whether your business needs to capture every call or media interaction for regulatory compliance, or track a random sampling for quality management, contact center call recording and media logging delivers on all your recording needs. Locating and replaying calls or reading message logs is also quick and easy with contact center CRM integration where your history is stored safely as CRM activity records.’s contact center CRM integration converts your CRM application into a productivity tool for case management, lead conversion, and relationship building, enabling users to leverage the availability of an integrated, multi-media contact center software on your desktop.

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