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Contact Center Features

Contact center features like call & media blending, quality assurance & monitoring, real-time statistics & reporting, and workforce management…all of this and more  empower agents and supervisors alike to run an effective and efficient contact center.

Real-time Reporting & Statistics


Contivio.com provides standard historical reporting KPIs with extensive filtering capabilities. Reports are generated on demand and can be selected by time frame, agents, agent groups, queues and media type. Reports are accessible to both Supervisors and Agents in real-time.


  • User-Friendly Custom Reporting – Ability to create on-the-fly custom reports from the standard real-time statistics.
  • Scheduled Reporting – Reports may be generated automatically and scheduled to be sent to an email address or to an external reporting application (e.g., XML or CSV).
  • Agent Activity Tracking – Detailed reporting will describe time-stamps of login/logouts, calls made/received, and much more.
  • Agent Status – View the current status of all Agents, e.g., who is ready, busy, and/or on break.
  • Application Extension – Ability to extend the Contivio.com App to include custom fields.
  • Call Dispositions/Results – Classify calls with a predefined result (E.g., call back customer, etc.).
  • Agent Break Codes – Define Agent work status and availability.
  • Multi-level Administration – Ability to have Administrators and Sub-Administrators with different privileges.
  • Large Organization Department Segmentation – Breakdown of larger groups to smaller departments and teams for more granular access privileges.
  • Real-Time Statistics – View Queue Statistics for metrics such as “Abandons”, “Longest Wait Time”, and “Average Time to Answer”.

Main Benefits

  • On-demand access to Contact Center and/or Agent-level, real-time statistics for more immmediate action.
  • Analyze historical KPI reports and trends for productivity and areas of improvement.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring


Contact center managers can easily assess the quality of the customer experience by reviewing conversations between agents and callers.

As consumers become more accustomed to self-service and less-frequent personal interactions with the companies they trust with their business, the stakes with each interaction become much higher. Many contact centers are now considered the “face” of the company and executives are eager to ensure that every customer is greeted and serviced in a friendly and accommodating manner. The Contivio.com cloud contact center software allows you to record some or all of the contacts between agents and customers, and review them afterwards. By saving the recordings as activities in your CRM, they can be stored indefinitely for compliance or agent training purposes.

Real-time monitoring and reporting provides critical contact center metrics and gives supervisors the ability to manage their agent teams effectively. Authorized supervisors can monitor live agent and customer interactions from any location, at any time.

Authorized supervisors are able to see in real time the status of their contact center through a web browser. Available statistics such as “Service Levels” versus “Goals”, the number of calls in progress, the number waiting, and the longest waiting interaction per queue/skill are available to the supervisor, as well as real-time agent status graphs indicating the percentage of time in various states (e.g., on call, waiting, wrap up, on break, etc.). The intuitive web based report writer allows you to tailor any type of report for your specific needs, and export them to your in-house reporting solution.


  • At Home Agents – Ability to support home based Agents who work from a home office handling customer communications and providing customer service.
  • Agent Chat – Agents may engage with customers or internally with other Agents/Supervisors using the web chat feature.
  • Call Scripting – Scribe exactly what your Agents should say and/or ask when engaged with a Customer.
  • Barge-In – Allows a Supervisor to take over or listen into a call for supervisory, training, or any other reason.
  • Coaching – Supervisors whom are engaged in call monitoring with other Agents may “whisper” to Agents to help guide them.
  • Screen Recording – Capture the Agents desktop/screen and convert to video format for playback and archiving.
  • Desktop Collaboration – Agents may engage in desktop sharing for support or online collaboration.
  • Co-Browsing Agents- Agents may send URL hyperlinks to customers via web chat to ensure both parties are viewing the same page.
  • Speech Recognition & Analytics – Support for 3rd party speech recognition components and analytics of common words, monitored words or sequential digits (i.e., credit card numbers).

Main Benefits

  • By adopting regular reviews of communication recordings, your contact center will deliver on your executives’ business objectives. You will be able to ensure a consistent and quality customer experience, make agents more effective and productive in sales and service, and improve customer loyalty
  • Complete visibility into your call center operations
  • Customer service quality assurance

Workforce Management

  • Agent Knowledge Base – Knowledge base/FAQ portal for Agents.
  • Agent CRM – Customer Relationship Management system for the Agent to utilize.
  • Workforce Schedules – Create staff schedules for Agent availability and move into creating shifts.
  • Audio Injection – Inject Audio into calls (Useful for playback of Terms and Conditions, or repetitive voice-mails).
  • Hot-desking – Agents working in different shifts may use a single physical work-station and/or IP Phone.

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