Debt Collection Call Center

You can improve debt collection call center recovery rates and automate processes with the solution.

Solution Overview

Third-party debt recovery and debt management is always challenging. With debt you can focus on your contact center performance and eliminate the hassle and high costs of maintaining a hardware-based predictive dialing system. Our hosted debt collection contact center software enables you to:

  • Increase debt recovery rates
  • Reduce resource and infrastructure costs
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and observe the fair debt collection practices act
  • Ensure your agents communicate effectively with debtors
  • Manage voice, fax, SMS, voicemail and email

Often, collection calls rely on repetition to motivate the debtor to pay. allows collection agencies and other debt services providers to reach more debtors while complying with regulatory guidance.

Solution Benefits

Increased Debt Recovery Rates

In the US, a debt collection call center can phone the debtor’s home up to three times daily, as prescribed by federal law. By leveraging the Predictive Dialer, you can ensure that the number of redial attempts are appropriately limited automatically, and that all calls are made within acceptable hours of the day. With our dialing solution, your agents will only receive calls that are connected with the debtors, allowing you to contact more debtors each day. Additionally, with our comprehensive call logging and historical reporting, you can identify optimal times to reach debtors and maximize your chances of debt recovery.

Reduced Operational Costs

If your agents are currently making manual calls to debtors, you’re losing valuable time and money as they repeatedly call answering machines, rarely connecting with a live person. With the solution, you can eliminate these unnecessary costs and allow your agents to focus on making the most out of the live connections they receive.

Improved Agent Effectiveness

Often, the first contact with the debtor represents the best chance for debt recovery, so agents need to have all the tools necessary to make the most out of those calls. With, agents can review important details about each debtor, take notes, use scripts and worksheets to ensure consistent and effective communication, and update the debtor’s contact information. By providing agents everything they need within a single application, you can ensure that they can focus on conversations with debtors, rather than using their workstation.

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