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With Contivio.com's Contact Center and Telephony solution, managing accounts, balances and automating the debt recovery process has never been easier.

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Finance Contact Center Overview

Third-party debt recovery and debt management is always challenging, but with Contivio.com’s Contact Center & Telephony solution tracking down debtors has never been easier. Contivio.com has a rich history with support and sales teams, however, inquires from Finance and Accounting departments are becoming more and more frequent. Given the priority to shorten debt collection cycles, it is no surprise Contivio.com is the preferred solution for Finance departments worldwide with its patented CRM integration and multichannel capabilities.

Given the stringent regulations set forth by the FCC, targeted scheduling of debt collection calls is extremely important. With a cap of three (3) calls per day to a single debtor, ensuring those calls are placed at optimal times is imperative. Within our core product offering, debt collectors alike are benefiting from the deployment of our preview and predictive auto-dialer. By automating the dialing process, debt collection teams ensure all of their calls are made within reasonable times of the day, controlled and managed by our dialer.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated routing from the IVR of past due accounts to finance
  • CloudConnect CRM integration to screen pop account records
  • Outbound campaign management integrated with your CRM to abide by FCC regulations for debt collection.

Finance Contact Center Benefits

If your finance agents are manually placing calls to debtors, you’re losing valuable time and money. Time wasted leaving voicemails adds up, especially when chances are very slim the debtor will return your call. Contivio.com addresses this issue head on, and through our predictive dialing mode, your finance teams will only be connected with debtors who answer the phone.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced debt collection cycle
  • Complete visibility and tracking
  • Strict adherence to your procedures, such as, your management to FCC regulations

In addition to our dialing capabilities, with comprehensive call tracking and reports, you can optimize your dialer schedule by strategically placing calls. Often, the first contact with the debtor represents the best chance for debt recovery, so agents need to have all the tools necessary to make the most out of those calls. With Contivio.com CloudConnect CRM integration, screen pops will allow finance agents to review important details about each debtor, take notes and use pre-written scripts to ensure consistent and effective communication. Because out entire Contivio.com product offering is deployed via a single interface, your agents can focus on targeting debtors to swiftly and professionally close their debt.

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