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Marketing Contact Center

Contivio.com’s Contact Center & Telephony product suite equips marketing teams with dynamic outbound campaign management tools, to slash operational budgets, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact Center Marketing

Marketing Contact Center Overview

Contivio.com’s Contact Center & Telephony solution provides outbound marketing teams the functionality to effectively engage targeted audiences – faster than ever before. Because marketing departments are shifting their time and resources to inbound marketing tactics, outbound campaign budgets are being drastically reduced. Fortunately, with Contivio.com, we have addressed this gap by providing dynamic outbound campaign tools – at no additional cost. With Contivio.com, you can take any list of contacts (e.g., new leads), in excel or any CRM, and Contivio.com’s auto-dialer system will automate the dialing process. Campaigns are then presented to your agents through leading-edge preview/predictive dialing tools. The best part is Contivio.com does not charge any fees whatsoever associated with outbound media, so your budgetary allocation can shift elsewhere.

Feature Highlights

  • Campaign Management to setup preview or predictive Campaigns
  • With Campaign Reports track key campaign KPIs and metrics
  • CloudConnect CRM integration will screen pop lead information while calls are being placed
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Marketing Contact Center Benefits

Looking to broadcast an automated message to large audience? For simple voice-broadcast or IVR campaigns, Contivio.com will blast a pre-recorded audio message, when contacts or answering machines are reached – no agent involvement. The benefit for marketing teams is that agents are only connected to qualified leads interested in learning more.

Key benefits include:

  • Dynamic lead generation
  • Structured agent time allocation
  • Campaign cost effectiveness

Within out Contivio.com product suite, we provide the complete comprehensive outbound package. This includes our auto-dialer standard, out-of-the-box. As such, marketing departments have vastly benefited from our campaigns to improve their lead generation process. Further, with Contivio.com, marketing departments can configure, schedule and commence marketing campaigns using a simple GUI-enabled interface – No more labor intensive setup.


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