The Ultimate Customer Service Contact Center

Whether you provide Health, Financial, or Insurance Services,’s Contact Center & Telephony solution touts the largest feature footprint to meet all service needs so you can provide the best customer experience.

The Ultimate Customer Service Contact Center

Customer Service Contact Center Overview for 2017

Without question, customer satisfaction directly affects customer retention, and ultimately profits. At our cloud-based Contact Center & Telephony solution provides the framework to provide the best-in-class customer service. By ensuring that all inbound media is handled by the right service agents, customers won’t be frustrated by long IVRs, poor handling of their questions, or having to repeat information to another service agent.

How do we accomplish this? presents your service agent with the customer’s information before being connected, through our patented CloudConnect integration. With the functionality to screen pop any CRM record/view from any of our supported media channels (voice, voicemail, chat, email, fax, SMS, and/or social), customer service teams are prepared for any engagement. Also armored with our extensive feature footprint. has proven successful for customer service teams worldwide.

Feature Highlights

  • IVR auto-attendant to capture information and better service customers
  • CloudConnect CRM integration to store information captured from the IVR and create a new customer record
  • Multichannel communications so your services team can interact with your customers on their terms

Customer Service Contact Center Benefits

At the end of the day, customer expectations continue to rise. With readily available, real-time information, you’re able to address their immediate needs. By deploying’s Contact Center offering service members alike can tackle multiple interactions, while still providing the high-end quality service customers have grown to expect.

Key benefits including:

  • Increased daily productivity
  • Reduced service agent fatigue
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention

Looking for a scalable solution? Whether you are ramping up a new service center or simply responding to company growth, allows you to scale on demand. Many businesses are subject to seasonal changes, which is why concurrent pricing is the best fit – you merely pay for the number of simultaneous users for that month – not by name user. is proud to deploy the largest, all-in-one features footprint – for the best value. The benefit of is that we do not tier our pricing by functionality, so our entire offering comes standard, out-of-the-box. As such, will optimize the productivity and workflow of your customer service teams, and ensure customer expectations are always met.

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The Ultimate Customer Service Contact Center
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