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Extend Your CRM into an Enterprise Contact Center

Complete with Multi-channel integration, Contivio provides the most comprehensive CRM integration package, supporting both Contact Center and Standard PBX users.

Contact Sales

Core CRM Extensions

Power Dialer

Run individual and team dialer
campaigns from your CRM lists.

SMS & IVR Campaigns

Drive sales and marketing efforts
through saved search campaigns.

Lead Form Auto Dialing

Shorten sales cycles, and
improve lead response times.

Self Service IVR

Alleviate the need to provide alerts, allow
customers to leverage self-service updates.


Quickly trigger sales and support calls
from your CRM, with the click of a mouse.


Link your call details to leads,
cases, records or transactions.

Case Management

Create, update and manage cases
real-time – irrespective of chosen media.

Post-Media Updates

Ensure call and agent details map
post engagement in your CRM.

Multichannel Screen Pops

Benefit from dynamic screen
pops regardless of media type.

Scheduled Calls

Trigger your CRM scheduled
calls & tasks in Contivio

Post-Call Surveys

Rate team and agent performance
through IVR and SMS surveys.

CRM Adaptive Routing

Route your VIP customers
directly to the right Sales rep.

So many ways to stay in contact

Live Chat

So many resources at your fingertips

In House Agents

Work from Home Agents
IVR Self Service
Global Reliability

The CRM Partner of Choice

Build a multi-channel, cloud-based contact center for your
organization quickly at a low cost with Contivio and your CRM of choice.

Increase Service Levels

Transfer a live chat to the
most skilled qualified agent

Shorten Sales Cycles

Trigger an automatic call back
from an IVR interaction

Generate Leads Faster

Run an SMS campaignM
from a NetSuite list

Streamline Debt Collection

Route a past due NetSuite
account directly to Finance

Improve Productivity

Enable agents to multi-task and
push activity logs to NetSuite

Live Chat
Inbound Screen Pop
Supervisor Menu

Case Studies


Case Studies


Transform Your CRM Into a Contact Center

Want to extend your CRM‘s core functionality so that you‘re able to give your customers the very best in personalized service?