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Cancellation Policy

Where “you” equals any end user of’s services or affiliate thereof.

By We may cancel or suspend your Service or a portion of your Service if you violate the terms of your Agreement. If we do, your right to use the Service will stop right away. Cancellation of the Service will not change your obligation to pay any charges due on your account.

By You: Cancellation. After ninety (90) days (Initial Service Term) from subscribing to, you may cancel your Service at any time for any reason with at least thirty (30) days notice. To cancel, email or call (800) 282-8105. If you cancel your Service before the end of the Initial Service Term you will be charged a cancellation fee of the Agreement per user cost based on either the minimum five (5) user subscription or the number of users in the Agreement and no fees for the Initial Service Term will be refunded, including Professional Services fees.

Renewals. Your account will be auto-renewed at the end of your contract period if you do not cancel or upgrade ahead of time. We will not provide you notice about the end of your contract or our auto-renewal policy. If you cancel your subscription any time after auto-renewal you will not be refunded any fees for that contract period.

Reduce Users. You may reduce the number of user licenses that you have with at any time for any reason by emailing Please note that you will need to maintain a minimum of five (5) user licenses on your subscription. If you reduce the number of user licenses in your subscription before the end of your service term you WILL NOT be penalized however you will still be charged a full user license for the month in which the cancellation occurs. Alternatively, you may choose to provide no notice to since subscription costs are based on concurrent user counts only until above the five (5) seat minimum.

Increase Users. You may increase the number of user licenses that you have with at any time for any reason by emailing There are no limit to the number of named users. You will only be changed a prorated period should you increase you usage before the 15th day of any month, i.e. you will always be levied 50% of your license fee if extending your user count after the 15th of any given month.

Data. Upon termination or cancellation of the service by you or us for any reason, may delete your data permanently from our servers. will keep your data for a period of three (3) months before it is deleted from our servers.Waiver of Rights and Obligations. To the extent necessary to implement the termination of this contract, each party waives any right and obligation under any applicable law or regulation to request or obtain intervention of the courts to terminate this contract.