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Enterprise Suite, SME Price Point!

No Extra Costs. No Hidden Anything. Pay Per User
5-50 users


Per User Per Month

10% discount on annual plans

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51-99 users


Per User Per Month

10% discount on annual plans

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100+ users


Per User Per Month

10% discount on annual plans

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Our Contact Center packages include all features out of the box. Stand-alone PBX
add-ons are available at a discounted rate of $10 monthly per user.

Download our Printable Datasheet with Additional Features and Key Insights

Every Feature. In Every Plan.

All plans come bundled with the same set of robust features – no hidden costs

Blended Inbound and Outbound Communication

Drive blended engagement, through our patented CRM multi-channel toolbar.

CRM Screen - Popping on Any Criteria

Pop customers, cases, and
transactions using our
patented Cloud Connect.

Live Chat & Chatbots

Deploy live chat, direct from your website – CRM integration included!

CRM Power Dialer

Trigger preview and progressive dialer campaigns, directly from your CRM.

Complete Telephony Controls

Access call scripts, notepad, directory lists, and all standard call controls directly from the toolbar.

Easy Toolbar Deployment

Communicate with customers across all media without impacting valuable screen real estate.


Interact with your customers across all communication channels including phone, chat, SMS, email and fax.

Automated CRM Updates

Log communication content, recordings, notes, and dispositions automatically to your CRM.

IVR and SMS Broadcast Campaigns

Trigger SMS and Broadcast campaigns, direct from your CRM saved searches.

Stand-Alone PBX

Do away with two phone systems, and leverage our PBX offering.

Supervisor Monitoring and Reporting

Keep your agent efficiency high. Monitor live calls, and leverage advanced reporting.

Unlimited Choice VOIP, PSTN & CRM

Benefit from true flexibility, and find what works best for your team.

For Teams of All Sizes

Contivio features the advanced functionality of million-dollar systems yet is incredibly easy to maintain and support. Patent-protected CloudConnect provides unparalleled integration, IVR workflow, and automation across CRM & Ticketing Systems.

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Global & Security

Backed by Global AWS servers, our solution is designed and deployed with an emphasis on security, privacy, data integrity, reliability and fast recovery. Security is provided utilizing a multi-facet approach starting with the infrastructure security and spanning communication, application access and data storage.

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Transform Your CRM Into a Contact Center

Want to extend your CRM‘s core functionality so that you‘re able to give your customers the very best in personalized service?