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Clearing the Air: Air Oasis Revitalizes Customer Communication with Contivio

Air Oasis Acheived
30% INCREASEIn Available Support Hours
SREAMLINEDAgent Onboarding
23% INCREASEIn Monthly 5-Star Reviews

About Air Oasis

Location: Amarillo, Texas

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2021

Founded in 2004, Air Oasis is a leading manufacturer specializing in residential air purifiers, with a primary focus on alleviating issues associated with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, allergies, and environmental pollutants like wildfire smoke. Committed to excellence and American-made quality, they are dedicated to improving indoor air quality and promoting well-being globally. From portable purifiers to comprehensive systems for homes, offices, and hospitality industries, Air Oasis offers scientifically proven solutions to address diverse air purification needs.


In the competitive landscape of residential air purifiers, Air Oasis stands as a beacon of excellence, founded in 2004 with a steadfast commitment to improving indoor air quality and promoting well-being globally. With a primary focus on addressing issues associated with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, allergies, and environmental pollutants like wildfire smoke, Air Oasis has distinguished itself through American-made quality and scientifically proven solutions. This case study delves into Air Oasis’s journey of overcoming communication challenges and achieving transformative outcomes through the adoption of Contivio, a CRM-integrated contact center system. Discover how Air Oasis leveraged Contivio’s innovative features to streamline communication processes, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving residential air purifier industry.


Air Oasis, a trailblazer in residential air purifiers, encountered multifaceted challenges that demanded a robust communication system overhaul amidst its transition from QuickBooks Enterprise to NetSuite. While strategically beneficial for consolidating business processes, this shift revealed integration hurdles, necessitating a unified source of truth for customer interactions within the NetSuite ecosystem. Moreover, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic accentuated these challenges, exposing the limitations of the existing phone system and highlighting the critical need for an internet-based, flexible communication platform to sustain operational continuity amidst remote work dynamics. Despite being a niche player, Air Oasis aspired to significant milestones and recognized the paramount importance of an advanced CRM-integrated contact center system in streamlining communication processes and positioning the company for growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Amidst these challenges, Air Oasis sought a transformative solution capable of unifying disparate communication channels and seamlessly integrating with NetSuite. The company’s pursuit reflected its commitment to fortifying its position in the industry and catering to evolving market dynamics, while also adapting to the demands of remote work. In this landscape, the quest for a comprehensive, adaptable system underscored Air Oasis’s strategic roadmap toward sustainable growth and operational excellence, reaffirming its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving success in the ever-evolving residential air purifier industry.

“For me as a manager, the live monitoring feature has been great. I am able to also see if there are any customers waiting, what that wait time has been, which queue they are in, it’s very helpful. It’s one of the things I use daily”


Contivio emerged as the panacea for Air Oasis’ communication conundrum. This CRM-integrated cloud-based contact center system offered not just a solution but a comprehensive toolkit designed explicitly for real Sales & Support team use cases. The patented toolbar became the bridge between their CRM and communication channels, enabling agents to access a wealth of customer data seamlessly within the NetSuite environment.

Contivio’s internet-based phone system addressed the challenges posed by the pandemic head-on. The flexibility it provided allowed the customer service team to pivot effortlessly between remote and in-office work. The system’s adaptability became a cornerstone for maintaining productivity during a tumultuous period. The decision to opt for Contivio wasn’t merely a technological choice; it was a strategic move to future-proof Air Oasis’s operations and create a cohesive, agile ecosystem.

As Air Oasis embraced Contivio, they found an array of features tailored to their needs, including handling multiple communication channels such as voice, live chat, SMS/MMS, and email. This versatility not only facilitated extended support hours but also empowered the team to cater to the diverse needs of their international customer base. The implementation process, often a stumbling block in such transitions, proved to be a seamless experience, affirming Contivio’s user-friendly design.

“We've seen a 23% increase in the number of monthly 5 star reviews since switching to Contivio. Being able to listen to customer's previous calls, and seeing a complete customer snapshot all in one place within our ERP, has improved the speed at and accuracy in which we can assist customers. ”


The integration of Contivio has catalyzed transformative outcomes for Air Oasis, significantly enhancing their operations and success in the competitive residential air purifier industry. By seamlessly integrating communication channels into NetSuite, Contivio provided a consolidated view of customer interactions, offering a comprehensive understanding of individual needs and preferences. This unified source of truth has become a cornerstone for Air Oasis in delivering personalized customer experiences, especially for those suffering from chronic inflammatory response syndrome and various allergies.

During the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Contivio’s internet-based phone system proved instrumental in maintaining operational continuity. This adaptability not only showcased resilience during turbulent times but also allowed Air Oasis to extend support hours by over 30%, meeting the diverse needs of their international customer base. The flexibility provided by Contivio became a strategic advantage, allowing the customer service team to seamlessly pivot between remote and in-office work, ensuring consistent and reliable support regardless of the circumstances.

Contivio’s ability to handle diverse communication channels, including voice, live chat, SMS/MMS, and email, has empowered Air Oasis to offer unparalleled support. This versatility has translated into a 23% increase in monthly 5-star reviews, indicative of heightened customer satisfaction. The implementation of Contivio was not merely a technological upgrade; it was a strategic move that positioned Air Oasis for success in an industry where customer health concerns and personalized service are paramount. The crisp and clear communication provided by Contivio has contributed to positive customer experiences, aligning seamlessly with Air Oasis’s commitment to providing effective solutions for health-conscious consumers. In essence, Contivio has not only addressed the immediate challenges but has become a catalyst for elevating Air Oasis’s standing and impact within their niche market.


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