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Amatheon's Lifesaving Connection: How Contivio Boosts Veterinary Care Efficiency

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About Amatheon

Location: Miami, Florida

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2022

Amatheon is a leading Animal Health Distributor of Veterinary Specialty Medications™ in the nation. Their mission is to provide specialty hospitals with a comprehensive catalog of brand and generic medications, including controlled substances and supply-sensitive medications.


In an era where effective communication forms the backbone of business operations, Amatheon, a distinguished Animal Health Distributor specializing in Veterinary Medications, encountered substantial hurdles with their outdated communication infrastructure. This case study delves into the narrative of Amatheon’s journey towards operational excellence and efficiency, culminating in a pivotal shift from an antiquated telephony system to Contivio’s innovative communication platform. Explore how this transformation empowered Amatheon to embrace modernity, enhance reliability, and position themselves for unparalleled growth and customer service excellence.


Amatheon encountered challenges stemming from an antiquated communication infrastructure. The company’s operations relied on bulky voice over IP systems, proving cumbersome to manage and maintain. Their systems were not only challenging to oversee but were also highly dependent on the facility’s internet providers, rendering the setup susceptible to disruptions caused by power fluctuations and internet instability.

The existing on-premise phone system, deeply entrenched in outdated systems, hindered Amatheon’s progress, creating inefficiencies and reliability issues. This archaic setup presented a significant roadblock, impeding their ability to operate seamlessly in the modern business landscape. Seeking a leaner and more reliable solution to streamline operations, Amatheon sought a future-forward tool to propel their operations into the 21st century. 

“Whenever I talk about partners, Contivio is the first partner I mention because of how important it has been to our internal development and making us feel like we have a modern office. We’re in the business of helping vets save pets. Having Contivio as a true partner for us, helps us do just that.”


Contivio emerged as the definitive answer to Amatheon’s intricate communication ecosystem. The integration of Contivio’s sophisticated platform with the robust NetSuite infrastructure presented a transformative opportunity, amalgamating reliability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. This partnership became a linchpin in reshaping Amatheon’s operational landscape, transcending beyond a mere technological upgrade into an era of heightened efficiency and unwavering dependability.

The allure of Contivio extended beyond its technological prowess, beckoning Amatheon with promises of reduced bandwidth consumption and substantial cost savings. However, it wasn’t just about these metrics; it was the intersection of innovative technology and seamless integration that propelled Contivio to the forefront of Amatheon’s consideration. Contivio’s integration with NetSuite’s CRM system emerged as a beacon, showcasing the promise of a consolidated platform. This robust union offered Amatheon not only reliability but a suite of functionalities including live chat features that resonated with their vision for streamlined customer interactions.

Ultimately, the decision to embrace Contivio was underpinned by its seamless integration with NetSuite. The primary driver was the assurance of a unified system with NetSuite, promising additional value that extended far beyond conventional telephony. The marriage of these platforms wasn’t just a digital upgrade; it signified a transformative leap into a future brimming with optimized communications and operational prowess.

“We have actually saved on a minute per dial basis by moving to Contivio, and if I can allocate that expense back to other areas of the business then I am doing my job and due diligence.”


Amatheon’s strategic shift to Contivio marked a pivotal moment in the company’s journey toward streamlining operations and maximizing its impact on the veterinary community. Committed to the slogan ‘Helping Vets Save Pets,’ Amatheon’s ethos aligns with their profound mission to bring essential medications and therapies to veterinary offices precisely when they’re needed most. The adoption of Contivio’s cutting-edge communication platform propelled Amatheon forward, providing them with a robust tool to navigate the challenges of modern communication seamlessly. With around 30 users spanning various departments, including sales, support, and accounting, the integration of Contivio streamlined their operations, driving efficiency and reliability. Achieving an impressive 99.999% uptime, substantial cost savings, and improved efficiency in managing inbound and outbound customer interactions, Amatheon found Contivio to be an invaluable asset.

Moreover, the platform’s integration with NetSuite CRM and its live chat functionality significantly enhanced productivity and customer experience, enabling Amatheon to deliver their crucial veterinary therapies seamlessly across their extensive supply chain. Contivio emerged not only as a solution to modernize their office but as a critical partner in Amatheon’s unwavering commitment to aiding veterinarians in their lifesaving work.


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