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Revving Up Success: ATS Diesel's Drive with Contivio's Exceptional Support

ATS Diesel Acheived
UNMATCHEDCustomer Support
STREAMLINEDOmnichannel Communications
OPTIMIZEDCustomer Data Utilization

About ATS Diesel

Location: Arvada, Colorado

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2024

With a focus on innovation and excellence, ATS Diesel offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the needs of customers who demand superior performance and reliability from their vehicles. Founded on a commitment to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service, ATS Diesel stands as a trusted name in the industry, serving customers who rely on their products for their hauling and transportation needs. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in diesel technology, ATS Diesel continues to drive forward, ensuring that their customers have the tools they need to succeed on the road and beyond.


ATS Diesel partnered with Contivio to address challenges in optimizing their customer service operations. Facing difficulties in capturing crucial customer data and streamlining communication channels, ATS sought a solution to enhance personalized interactions and targeted marketing efforts. Through Contivio’s CRM-integrated contact center platform, ATS achieved significant improvements in customer engagement and satisfaction. Leveraging features like native Screen Pops, ATS streamlined operations, empowered agents with instant access to vital customer information, and positioned themselves for sustained success in delivering exceptional experiences to their clientele.


ATS Diesel, a prominent manufacturer and retailer specializing in diesel products, faced significant challenges in optimizing their customer service operations. With a clientele primarily consisting of individuals engaged in hauling activities, ATS struggled to capture and utilize crucial customer data effectively. Their outdated communication infrastructure hindered seamless integration and led to disjointed channels, impeding personalized customer interactions. Additionally, ATS encountered difficulties in targeting relevant audiences for marketing initiatives due to the inability to capture specific vehicle details, crucial for addressing customer needs and introducing tailored solutions.

“Contivio is very very agile, quick, and specialized in customer service. I have never had support like this, ever, in anything I’ve ever done. Contivio has exceeded all expectations. They truly have.”


Contivio stepped in to revolutionize ATS Diesel’s customer service approach. By implementing a CRM-integrated contact center platform, Contivio provided a tailored solution to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. Central to the solution was Contivio’s native Screen Pops feature, granting instant access to vital customer information like vehicle details directly within ATS’s CRM system. This empowered ATS to deliver personalized support and targeted marketing campaigns effectively. Furthermore, Contivio’s Live Chat and Email Management functionalities augmented ATS’s omnichannel capabilities, enabling seamless interactions across various platforms.

With Contivio, ATS Diesel is poised to better serve their customers. The streamlined operations and personalized customer interactions facilitated by Contivio’s solution ensure enhanced satisfaction and loyalty among ATS’s clientele. Moreover, Contivio’s exceptional customer support throughout the implementation process underscores their commitment to exceeding expectations and empowering ATS Diesel to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

“Contivio has provided phenomenal service throughout the entire implementation and go-live process. We have enjoyed working with their team every step of the way.”


The implementation of Contivio has yielded remarkable results for ATS Diesel. By leveraging Contivio’s comprehensive solution, ATS has not only streamlined their customer service operations but also gained valuable insights into their customer base. The ability to capture specific customer data during interactions has empowered ATS to personalize their marketing campaigns and product offerings, resulting in increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Moreover, ATS Diesel expresses high satisfaction with Contivio’s customer support throughout the implementation process. Contivio’s agile and specialized approach to customer service ensured a smooth transition and prompt resolution of any issues that arose. The personalized training sessions provided by Contivio helped ATS’s agents adapt to the new system quickly, further enhancing their productivity and efficiency.

In summary, Contivio has not only addressed ATS Diesel’s immediate challenges but has also positioned them for long-term success in delivering exceptional customer experiences.


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