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How Blue Tiger Amplified Their Reach with Contivio: Enhancing Communication for Professional Drivers

Blue Tiger Acheived
EXPANDEDReach for Small Team
ENHANCED Customer Service
IMPROVEDData Insights & Resource Allocation

About Blue Tiger

Location: Stafford, Texas

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2015

Blue Tiger® is a premier consumer electronics manufacturer specializing in premium Bluetooth® headsets and accessories. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Stafford, Texas, Blue Tiger is dedicated to enhancing the lives of professional drivers through innovative technology. With a focus on safety and satisfaction, we continuously raise awareness across various media platforms to support drivers on the road. Our products include wireless Bluetooth headsets, dash cameras, and a range of trucking industry communication accessories. Blue Tiger is committed to helping drivers live safer and happier lives.


Blue Tiger Communications faced several operational challenges that impeded their ability to effectively serve their customers. With a small team, managing a high volume of customer interactions was difficult, and their existing communication system lacked the necessary integration and efficiency. Ensuring truck drivers received prompt and effective support was essential but challenging due to high demand. To address these issues, Blue Tiger adopted Contivio, an integrated communication platform, which played a massive role in their success. Contivio’s solutions provided a unified communication platform, advanced routing, automated workflows, and real-time analytics, significantly improving Blue Tiger’s efficiency, customer service, and overall performance. As a result, Blue Tiger has been able to enhance their operational capabilities and continue their mission of keeping truck drivers connected and safe on the road.


Blue Tiger Communications encountered several operational challenges that hindered their ability to serve their customers effectively. With a small team, handling a high volume of customer interactions efficiently was difficult. Their existing communication system lacked integration and streamlined processes, leading to delays and reduced productivity. Additionally, ensuring truck drivers received prompt and effective support was essential but challenging due to the high demand for their services.

“Contivio has played a massive role in our success with our customers.”


Blue Tiger Communications turned to Contivio to address these challenges and enhance their operational capabilities. Contivio provided a comprehensive communication solution tailored to meet the specific needs of Blue Tiger Communications, particularly through its seamless NetSuite integrations. Contivio’s integration with NetSuite enabled screen pops that provided agents with immediate access to customer information during calls, improving response times and service quality. Call recordings were automatically linked to customer records, ensuring that all interactions were documented and easily retrievable for quality assurance and training. The click-to-dial feature simplified outbound calling, allowing agents to initiate calls directly from the NetSuite interface, further enhancing efficiency. These integrations, combined with Contivio’s advanced routing and real-time analytics, significantly streamlined Blue Tiger’s communication processes, enabling the small team to manage a high volume of customer interactions effectively.

“Connecting with our customers has always been a top priority. We always want to be the first call because we know how meaningful speaking to a real person can be. Contivio understands the importance and we have been happy to use their services for the past 8+ years.”


The implementation of Contivio’s solutions led to significant improvements for Blue Tiger Communications:

  • Increased Efficiency: With a unified communication platform and automated workflows, the small team at Blue Tiger could handle a higher volume of customer interactions without compromising on quality.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Intelligent routing and queue management ensured that truck drivers received timely and effective support, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Team Performance: Real-time analytics allowed Blue Tiger to monitor their performance closely, enabling continuous improvement and better resource allocation.
  • Extended Reach: By leveraging Contivio’s features, Blue Tiger’s small team could make a significant impact, ensuring that truck drivers remained connected and supported on the road.

Contivio has empowered Blue Tiger Communications to maximize their operational efficiency and extend the reach of their small team, making a big impact in the trucking industry. By streamlining their communication processes and enhancing their customer service capabilities, Contivio has helped Blue Tiger continue their mission of keeping truck drivers connected and safe on the road.


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