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BrandNet Enhances Customer Service Efficiency & Unlocks Outbound Sales Potential with Contivio Integration

BrandNet Acheived
ENHANCEDOperational Efficiency
30%Reduction in Call Handling Time

About BrandNet

Location: Fyshwick, Australian Capital Territory

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2023

For over 30 years, BrandNet has been a cornerstone in supporting Government and Corporate Australia with innovative designs and beautifully crafted products. Their expertise extends across various sectors, including government, charities, community organisations, national sporting bodies, and emergency services. Notably, their collaboration with the Australian Defence Force and veteran organisations allows them to preserve and celebrate Australia's rich military heritage.


BrandNet confronted a pivotal challenge in its operational paradigm – transitioning from managing primarily inbound customer service calls to strategically driving outbound sales initiatives. Wrestling with a complex infrastructure featuring 10 unique shops, and grappling with an IVR system burdened by protracted prompts and data access hurdles, BrandNet sought a transformative remedy. Embracing the partnership with Contivio, BrandNet embarked on a quest for operational excellence. Leveraging Contivio’s seamless CRM integrations and groundbreaking features such as screen pops and disposition codes, BrandNet underwent a remarkable transformation. The solutions implemented not only heightened agent efficiency but also elevated customer satisfaction. This case study unravels BrandNet’s journey, elucidating the challenges addressed, the innovative solutions implemented with Contivio, and the resultant paradigm shift, laying the foundation for their forward-looking business expansion.


BrandNet faced a multifaceted challenge stemming from the complexity of managing 13 distinct queues across its various brands. The existing IVR system imposed lengthy prompts, leading to customer and agent frustration. The greater challenge, however, lay in the absence of instant access to crucial customer data, significantly impeding the efficiency of handling inquiries, needlessly prolonging call durations, and hindering overall productivity. 

Yaser Naseem, BrandNet’s Operations Branch Head, highlighted their primary goal of expanding business operations through outbound sales initiatives. The imperative shift from inbound customer service to outbound sales prompted BrandNet to reassess their operational strategy, aiming primarily to streamline the resolution of customer service calls. Agents faced prolonged call durations, investing considerable time in collecting fundamental customer details–names, emails, and order numbers–before accessing essential information, significantly impeding their ability to promptly address customer concerns. The Success of Yaser’s planned expansion relied heavily on enhancing customer service efficiency and optimizing agent performance. 

In addition, with BrandNet’s customer base primarily comprising retired military personnel, ensuring top-tier service delivery remained non-negotiable. Upholding the highest standards of service for the demographic was a fundamental tenet of BrandNet’s business philosophy, underscoring the critical need for swift and effective customer interactions.

“We have a lot of customer data, so we asked ourselves, how can we make it useful? That's why screen pops were an instant sell to us...The whole idea of a contact center is to resolve customer problems, right? Contivio's helping us do that, very easily and quickly”


Contivio’s seamless CRM integration with NetSuite emerged as the cornerstone of BrandNet’s operational transformation. The integration ushered in a new era, with screen pops standing out as a game-changer. These screen pops revolutionized agent efficiency by instantly furnishing vital customer information upon call connection. Empowered by Contivio, the IVR system seamlessly interfaced with NetSuite, triggering relevant screen displays for agents. This swift access not only saved crucial time but also remarkably enhanced the quality of customer interactions.

Furthermore, BrandNet capitalized on Contivio’s disposition codes, a feature that revolutionized their CRM management. Collaboratively pre-configured by Contivio and BrandNet, these codes became instrumental in real-time updates of their CRM, ensuring the accuracy of customer data. Yaser’s team effectively utilized disposition codes not just for CRM updates but also for extracting and analyzing pertinent analytics tailored to their specific needs. This strategic utilization empowered them to access reports and analytics that were most compelling and crucial for enhancing their operational efficiency.

“Since Contivio’s integration, we've observed a remarkable 30% reduction in call handling times, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency. This improvement is attributed to Contivio's advanced routing rules and screen pops. Our team's efficiency has notably increased, allowing us to deliver superior service to our clients more effectively.”


BrandNet has achieved a substantial surge in both agent efficiency and amplified customer satisfaction, primarily attributed to the native CRM integrations offered by Contivio. The implementation of Contivio’s seamless CRM integrations significantly streamlined operations, enabling agents to access crucial customer data swiftly. This efficiency boosts not only reduced call durations but also multiplied customer satisfaction, reflecting in smoother interactions and prompt issue resolutions. 

Looking ahead, BrandNet is eagerly preparing its agents to embark on outbound sales efforts, capitalizing on the efficiency gained through improved phone operations. The enhanced efficacy in handling customer calls has liberated valuable time in their agents’ workdays. This newfound availability creates a strategic opportunity for the team to pivot towards outbound sales initiatives, a critical step in expanding their business outreach. 

BrandNet’s confidence in Contivio’s user training and support remains steadfast as they embrace the adoption of more outbound call functionalities. They are poised to leverage Contivio’s diverse toolkit, including dialer campaigns, high-velocity contacts, and automotive web form synching, gearing up their agents for this significant shift in operational focus.


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