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Capitol Scientific's Leap to Operational Excellence: A NetSuite-Infused Transformation with Contivio's Unified Communication Platform

Capitol Scientific Acheived
30% SURGEin Call Efficiency
70% REDUCTIONin Desktop Phone Usage
IMPROVEDVisibility & Accountability

About Capitol Scientific

Location: Austin, Texas

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2022

Established in 1963 in Austin, Texas, Capitol Scientific stands tall as a premier supplier of scientific and laboratory products across the United States, embracing a steadfast commitment to its customers for over six decades. With an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service, timely deliveries, and competitive pricing, Capitol Scientific offers an extensive inventory of over 1 million laboratory supplies and specialty chemicals. Representing 350 manufacturers, the company caters to a diverse array of industries, from pharmaceuticals, biotech, semiconductor, and aerospace, to academia, life sciences, and government sectors.


Capitol Scientific, a company deeply entrenched in NetSuite utilization, encountered formidable obstacles arising from an outdated communication infrastructure. Their standalone VoIP PBX system lacked integration and call recording capabilities, impeding sales, customer service operations, and effective engagement with an extensive network of suppliers. This case study delves into the challenges faced by Capitol Scientific and the transformative solutions implemented through Contivio’s seamless integration, real-time supervision tools, and CRM-linked communication platform, ultimately propelling them towards elevated operational efficiency, standardized practices, and unparalleled excellence in customer service and sales efficiency.


Capitol Scientific grappled with a multitude of challenges stemming from an outdated communication infrastructure. As a dedicated NetSuite user, their standalone VoIP PBX system lacked integration and call recording capabilities, posing operational hurdles. Critical issues included limited visibility and supervision over the sales team’s activities, hindering performance assessment and accountability measures from top leadership down. This lack of oversight impacted overall productivity in sales and customer service.

Additionally, the disjointed communication systems led to a significant disconnect between customer interactions and CRM records, causing inefficiencies in sales strategy execution and a fragmented customer experience. Manual dialing, prolonged search times for customer information, and the absence of call recordings hindered workflow efficiency and impeded sales representatives’ skill development. The absence of adequate sales training tools, particularly the lack of call recordings for training and documentation, limited the optimization of sales strategies and professional growth.

Amid Capitol Scientific’s expansion plans, the outdated technology posed limitations in adapting to evolving needs, hindering agility and responsiveness in customer interactions. These challenges necessitated a comprehensive solution capable of seamless NetSuite integration, real-time supervision, streamlined operations, and a robust CRM-linked communication platform for driving efficiency in both sales and customer service.

“I had to have visibility into what my sales team was doing. I had to have call recording capabilities for sales training, and KPIs to keep my agents accountable. Without Contivio, that wasn’t going to be feasible.”


Capitol Scientific faced multifaceted integration challenges due to their extensive customer base and relationships with numerous suppliers. The outdated communication infrastructure lacking NetSuite integration and call recording functionalities not only affected customer service but also impeded effective engagement with their extensive supplier network.

Contivio emerged as the optimal solution, seamlessly linking customer interactions with CRM records and facilitating effective communications with suppliers. The platform’s real-time supervision tools empowered oversight over sales team activities, driving improved accountability and customer interactions. Furthermore, Contivio’s call recording capabilities were pivotal in enhancing training processes by providing valuable resources for sales representatives’ skill development and standardized practices.

Contivio’s implementation eliminated manual processes, reduced search times for customer information, and shifted Capitol Scientific toward a more mobile-oriented approach. This not only optimized present operations but also laid a robust foundation for future scalability and adaptability. The integration empowered Capitol Scientific to excel in customer service, streamline sales processes, and set new benchmarks of excellence in sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“By having Contivio integrated with NetSuite, we had a 30% increase in efficiency, on both inbound and outbound contacts. That’s a third of your day we got back to be able to sell and use for productivity. A huge increase in efficiency which is what we were looking for out of the system.”


Contivio’s implementation revolutionized Capitol Scientific’s operations, offering a unified communication platform that seamlessly linked customer interactions with CRM records. This resulted in a significant 30% surge in call efficiency and an impressive 70% reduction in desktop phone usage, showcasing the tangible impact of Contivio’s integration.

The call recording capabilities provided valuable resources for training, enhancing skill development among sales representatives and standardizing practices. These improvements not only optimized present-day operations but also positioned Capitol Scientific as an industry leader, ready to exceed customer expectations and achieve greater heights in their field.

Contivio’s critical role extended beyond operational enhancement, improving visibility and employee accountability from top leadership to the sales team. This comprehensive solution transformed training processes, enabling Capitol Scientific to achieve unparalleled customer service and streamlined sales processes, establishing new benchmarks of excellence in their industry.



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