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Bagging Brilliance: Plastic Place's Evolution in Communication with Contivio

Plasticplace Acheived
ENHANCEDOperational Efficiency
IMPROVEDTraining & Quality Assurance
INCREASEDCustomer Experience

About Plasticplace

Location: Lakewood, New Jersey

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2021

Plasticplace is dedicated to providing seamless solutions for the often-overlooked necessity of trash bags, ensuring that businesses, organizations, and individuals can focus their energy on growth and success without worrying about the reliability of their waste management products. With a commitment to excellence spanning 17 years and backed by a 5-star customer rating, Plasticplace prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. By offering top-notch service and dependable products, Plasticplace aims to make their presence virtually invisible, allowing clients to enjoy 100% peace of mind at every stage of their waste management journey.


Plasticplace embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its communication infrastructure. Led by Trey Jackson, Manager of Marketplace Operations & Customer Service, the company sought to address operational inefficiencies stemming from an outdated phone system lacking critical features and reporting capabilities. Partnering with Contivio, Plasticplace aimed to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and drive growth. This case study delves into how Plasticplace leveraged Contivio’s solutions to achieve remarkable improvements in operational efficiency, training practices, and customer experience.


Plasticplace grappled with a deficient phone system that lacked essential features, integrations, and reporting capabilities. Under Trey Jackson’s leadership in Customer Service and Marketplace operations, the absence of critical functionalities like call recording, callback features, and holiday away messages hindered operational efficiency and impeded their ability to assess performance, identify weaknesses, and formulate growth strategies effectively. This dearth of modern communication tools left Plasticplace struggling to meet customer expectations, handle peak demands, and maintain competitive advantage in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

“We needed to upgrade our phone system. Now that we use NetSuite, I searched for the top integrators. I saw Contivio and one other provider. I did a side by side comparison and found Contivio to be a better fit when it came to both pricing and functionality.”


In pursuit of a comprehensive solution, Trey meticulously researched top integrators compatible with Plasticplace’s NetSuite CRM. Among the contenders, Contivio emerged as the optimal choice, boasting a robust feature set, seamless integration with NetSuite, and competitive pricing. What sealed the deal were Contivio’s key selling points, including advanced reporting capabilities, callback features, voice recording, and holiday away messages, all perfectly aligned with Plasticplace’s specific requirements. This strategic partnership with Contivio addressed Plasticplace’s pressing communication needs while setting the stage for enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined customer service, and sustained growth in the competitive e-commerce market.

“My team loves the screen pops, but we also use the MMS feature. If a customer says a product was damaged, we ask for a picture, the customer can send that to us right on the spot. We can then file a claim with our distributor and have a better success rate with the claim because we have proof of damage.”


Enhanced Operational Efficiency:
Plasticplace’s team seamlessly integrated Contivio’s features into their daily operations, experiencing a notable boost in operational efficiency. Embracing functionalities such as screen pops and callback options, agents could swiftly handle calls, prioritize tasks, and deliver prompt resolutions to customer inquiries. This streamlined workflow enabled Plasticplace to maximize productivity, minimize response times, and enhance overall service quality, driving significant improvements in their day-to-day operations.

Improved Training and Quality Assurance:
Contivio’s advanced call recording and whisper features empowered supervisors at Plasticplace to elevate their training and quality assurance practices. By capturing and analyzing call recordings, supervisors gained valuable insights into agent performance, identifying areas for improvement and providing targeted coaching in real-time. The whisper feature facilitated on-the-job training, allowing supervisors to discreetly guide agents during customer interactions, ensuring consistent service delivery and fostering continuous improvement within the team.

Enhanced Customer Experience:
Plasticplace revolutionized their customer interactions through Contivio’s SMS/MMS capabilities, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience. Leveraging MMS for damaged product claims, Plasticplace expedited resolutions by capturing visual evidence directly from customers, thereby improving claim success rates and bolstering customer satisfaction. This proactive approach not only demonstrated Plasticplace’s commitment to customer service excellence but also reinforced their reputation as a reliable and customer-centric e-commerce provider.

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