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Renew Co. Supercharges Success and Revolutionizes Customer Care with Contivio

Renew Co. Acheived
10% INCREASEOperational Efficiency
15-20 CUSTOMER SURVEYSCompleted Daily
100% REMOTEWorkforce

About Renew Co.

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2019

Renew Co. is a leading provider of natural health and wellness products such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin C. The Company owns and operates Natural Healthy Concepts (, Professional Supplement Center (, OIAM (, and Core Med Science ( In addition to these four web sites, the company operates an Amazon store and two brick and mortar stores.


In 2019, Renew Co. faced operational challenges with outdated call center software and an immediate necessity for remote capabilities across its various brand call centers. At SuiteWorld, Oracle’s annual gathering of the NetSuite community, the company encountered Contivio, impressed by its seamless integration with NetSuite. This pivotal discovery not only facilitated the seamless transition to a remote work environment but also yielded tangible results. Contivio’s integration empowered Renew Co. to not only enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across various locations but also significantly bolstered reporting capabilities, enabling in-depth tracking of agent performance and customer interactions.


Renew Co., a conglomerate in the natural health and wellness industry, oversees operations across multiple brands, managing four websites alongside physical stores. The company maintains several dedicated call centers catering to all four brands, setting the stage for operational complexities. Even predating the Covid-19 pandemic, Renew Co. encountered significant operational hurdles due to the antiquated nature of its call center software.

The existing call center software at Renew Co. was outdated and approaching obsolescence, lacking modern features, integration capabilities, and remote work options. This outdated infrastructure posed limitations, hindering the company’s ability to adapt and scale effectively in an increasingly dynamic business landscape. Recognizing the pressing need for an advanced solution to modernize its call center operations, Renew Co. embarked on a quest for a new contact center system in 2019. After evaluating various options and conducting demos with multiple providers, Renew Co. discovered Contivio during SuiteWorld, Oracle’s annual gathering of the NetSuite community. The critical requirements for remote capabilities and an authentic integration with NetSuite emerged as pivotal factors prompting Renew Co. to choose Contivio over alternative providers.

“Contivio's seamless integration with NetSuite was a crucial factor in our decision. It allowed us to transition to a completely remote call center workforce, empowering agents located across the United States to effectively serve our customers.”


Renew Co.’s quest for an upgraded contact center system led them to Contivio, primarily because of its outstanding integration capabilities with NetSuite and a robust feature set tailored precisely to the company’s requirements. The seamless integration between Contivio and NetSuite proved instrumental in enabling real-time synchronization of customer data. This integration empowered agents to access comprehensive information directly from NetSuite during customer interactions, ensuring personalized and informed engagements that significantly elevated the quality of customer service. Agents could effortlessly retrieve crucial customer information, including purchase history and preferences, resulting in more personalized interactions and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Contivio instigated a profound transformation for Renew Co., facilitating the effortless transition to a fully remote call center workforce. With agents operating from various locations across the United States, Contivio’s intuitive and user-friendly platform empowered consistent and efficient customer service, independent of agents’ physical locations. This adaptability of the platform ensured uninterrupted business operations while providing the necessary flexibility for future scalability and expansion. Contivio’s suite of advanced communication tools streamlined operations, reduced call handling times, and offered a unified interface for managing multiple communication channels effectively. By harnessing the capabilities of Contivio, Renew Co. not only addressed immediate operational needs but also positioned itself for sustained growth and delivered superior customer experiences.

“After we were done with the Contivio implementation, our CEO came into my office and said, ‘This was the smoothest transition in the history of the company.’”


The implementation of Contivio brought significant enhancements to Renew Co.’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Equipped with screen pops and integrated communication features, Contivio drastically reduced call handling times, leading to a notable decrease in average talk times from approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds to 4 minutes and 15-20 seconds. Across 10,000 quarterly calls, this improvement translated to a substantial 10% increase in overall efficiency.

Moreover, Contivio’s comprehensive reporting capabilities emerged as a game-changer for Renew Co. Live and historical reporting empowered the company to track agent efficiency, analyze performance metrics, and bolster morale through positive callouts. The platform’s post-call rating system generated 15-20 full surveys daily, offering invaluable insights into customer experiences. Renew Co. strategically leveraged these survey results, transcribing and disseminating them among representatives via Slack channels, fostering a positive work environment and enabling continuous improvement strategies. Additionally, Contivio’s integration capabilities facilitated the collection of conversion percentages, enabling Renew Co. to analyze correlations between calls taken and resulting orders, optimizing ongoing customer interactions.

Contivio seamlessly integrates with Renew Co.’s operational framework, enabling the company to deliver on its commitment to exceptional customer care and operational excellence. By providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines communication, facilitates remote work, and offers robust reporting tools, Contivio supports Renew Co.’s mission of delivering trustworthy products and unparalleled customer experiences. The platform’s adaptability and emphasis on personalized engagements align closely with Renew Co.’s core values, fostering a culture of service excellence and continuous improvement across their diverse brands and customer interactions.


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