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Optimizing Customer Service Efficiency: SoClean's Transformation with Contivio's Integrated Solutions

SoClean Acheived
35% INCREASEin Sales and Support Team Efficiency
BOOSTin Qualified Leads
5Active Channels

About SoClean

Location: Peterborough, New Hampshire

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2019

SoClean, a leader in sleep equipment maintenance products, was founded over a decade ago to address the challenges in cleaning Sleep Equipment. The company's mission was to pioneer innovative, safe, and effective cleaning solutions, ensuring a better and healthier sleep experience for users.


This case study unravels the transformative journey of SoClean, a company dedicated to redefining clean, and its collaboration with Contivio to revolutionize its call center operations. Facing challenges in managing heavy inbound traffic, obtaining comprehensive reporting, and ensuring scalability amid rapid growth, SoClean sought a robust solution. With a vision to streamline operations, elevate customer service, and attain efficiency, the company turned to Contivio’s NetSuite integrated platform. This partnership empowered SoCLean’s sales and support teams with enhanced capabilities, providing them with advanced tools, streamlined workflows, and powerful analytics. The case study delves into the pivotal role of Contivio in reshaping SoClean’s call center dynamics and driving exceptional business outcomes.


Prior to integrating Contivio, SoClean faced multifaceted challenges that hindered its ability to manage heavy inbound traffic effectively. With an extensive lineup of sleep equipment maintenance products, SoClean encountered a surge in customer inquiries and sales orders, leading to operational bottlenecks. The existing communication infrastructure struggled to handle the diverse range of media traffic, resulting in inefficient call management and slower response times.

Additionally, supervisors lacked comprehensive reporting tools to track essential metrics, limiting their ability to monitor and optimize call center performance. This lack of visibility into customer interactions and the inability to seamlessly integrate call data with their CRM system posed significant hurdles in providing seamless end-user support.

SoClean needed a robust call center solution capable of not only handling high inbound traffic but also seamlessly integrating with their NetSuite CRM to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and elevate the overall customer experience.

“"We needed a call center solution and partner that could scale and grow with us, it was a very important time regarding our company's growth, Contivio has been right there with us every step of the way."”


SoClean sought a transformative solution to streamline their call center operations and integrate seamlessly with their NetSuite CRM. Contivio emerged as the ideal choice, offering industry-leading technology that aligned perfectly with SoClean’s requirements.

By deploying Contivio’s feature-rich Contact Center, SoClean’s sales and support teams gained access to a unified platform that supported Voice, Live Chat, Email, and SMS interactions. The seamless integration with NetSuite CRM facilitated automated storage of meaningful customer interactions, ensuring a comprehensive record within their CRM system. 

Furthermore, Contivio empowered supervisors with advanced reporting tools, providing real-time metrics and configurable dashboards. These granular insights into call center and agent performance became instrumental in optimizing operations and enhancing customer service quality. Contivio’s robust admin portal and NetSuite integration addressed SoClean’s need for a sophisticated, omnichannel solution that could efficiently handle heavy inbound traffic while keeping pace with their rapid growth trajectory. The platform’s adaptability, omnichannel capabilities, and NetSuite integration aligned perfectly with SoClean’s goals to improve operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“"Contivio has helped us unify all of our channels into a single centralized platform, integrated to our CRM, and enhanced my reporting capabilities."”


The implementation of Contivio resulted in significant improvements for SoClean. Real-time analytics through Contivio’s Admin portal empowered the company to consistently monitor their organization’s performance, crucial for providing a positive customer experience and boosting sales pipeline efficiency. SoClean experienced a remarkable increase in the efficiency of their sales and support teams by over 35% due to Contivio’s integrations with NetSuite, streamlining redundant workflows. The reliability and scalability of Contivio’s fully integrated call center product provided SoClean with peace of mind, ensuring support for their growth plans. 


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