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White Labs Streamlines Global Operations, with Contivio’s Leading NetSuite Integration

White Labs Acheived
+35%Staff Productivity
SeamlessImplementation & Go-Live
NEWHolistic Reporting

About White Labs

Location: San Diego, California

CRM: NetSuite

Customer Since: 2017

White Labs is the global leading manufacturer of liquid yeast for the production of fermented beverages. White Labs produced the industry’s first pitchable (each vial of yeast is designed to be used directly in 5-gallon increments) liquid yeast and has completely revolutionized the way it is propagated and packaged. Dedicated to science, education, and craft, White Labs provides yeast to everyone from homebrewers to many of the top beer, wine, cider, and distilled brands in the world.


White Labs was looking to turn the page from a software company’s shortcomings and when Contivio stepped in, a new chapter was about to be written.

This case study reveals White Labs’ strategic shift to Contivio for improved efficiency and customer service. Faced with software challenges, White Labs partnered with Contivio to unify diverse customer channels, integrating seamlessly with NetSuite. Highlighting Kathryn Small’s rigorous evaluation, it tracks their transition from scattered tools to a consolidated system, impacting staff productivity, communication efficiency, and customer support. Contivio’s integration not only met White Labs’ needs but also drove operational optimization, fostering agile, unified communication for superior service delivery.



White Lab’s Sales & Customer Support teams navigated a labyrinth of disparate tools, relying on multiple vendors to manage client interactions across various channels such as Phone, Live Chat, SMS, and Email. As a company deeply invested in customer support as a key differentiator in the market, they recognized the pressing need to elevate their approach. Seeking a unified solution that seamlessly integrated with NetSuite became paramount to streamline their customer service operations.

Kathryn Small, White Labs’ Chief of Staff, embarked on a meticulous evaluation process, exploring over six different contact center solutions. Conducting thorough feature comparisons, she diligently sought a solution that aligned perfectly with het team’s needs. The search for an integrated system that could efficiently manage call recordings was a priority, given the challenges faced in locating call records withing their previous system.

Contivio emerged as the preferred choice due to its seamless NetSuite integrations, notably in storing call recording URLs directly withing the NetSuite environment.

Furthermore, Contivio’s comprehensive tools, encompassing all communication channels within a single platform, resonated strongly with White Lab’s objectives. This consolidated approach aimed not only to facilitate holistic reporting but also to simplify the operational landscape for agents, reducing the reliance on multiple applications and enhancing overall efficiency.

“We threw around the idea of moving to a Cloud Phone System for two years. In the end, Contivio was the best fit for our needs, I just wish we made that decision earlier.”


Recognizing the vital importance of efficiency in the market, White Labs, as an industry leader, sought to accelerate their order-to-cash cycle by transitioning to a Cloud Call Center Solution. Managing operations across four global locations underscored the critical need for robust reporting capabilities and real-time dashboards. Upon deploying Contivio’s Contact Center, White Labs witnessed a transformative shift: not only did their capacity to handle orders increase significantly, but a newfound transparency permeated throughout their operations.

The integration between Contivio and NetSuite proved instrumental in streamlining operations. Leveraging advanced routing, omnichannel support, and the seamless integration of screen pops across native and custom NetSuite forms, White Labs and Contivio achieved seamless synergy from the outset.

“Clients love our secondary communications channels such as Live Chat and SMS. It helps us maintain customer loyalty, and having Contivio push those interactions to NetSuite makes life much easier for our users.”


The integration of NetSuite with Contivio’s Contact Center solution has catalyzed a remarkable surge in staff efficiency at White Labs. Leveraging screen pops and seamlessly integrating Live Chat and SMS functionalities has significantly streamlined operations. White Labs has experienced the advantage of granular insights at both operational and managerial levels through the comprehensive dashboards and reports offered by Contivio. Looking back, White Labs’ only regret is not adopting Contivio’s solution sooner.

As Kat noted, “After going through an incredibly difficult integration with our last software go-live, I was worried about taking on another. The Contivio team completely proved I had nothing to worry about. They did all of the heavy lifting, perfectly executing our integration on time and on budget. Our capacity to field orders drastically increased when we launched NetSuite, and that number has continued to expand since our Contivio go-live.”

Furthermore, Kat has reclaimed 4-5 hours per week, streamlining tasks such as accessing call recordings and modifying queue routing. During periods of heightened call volume in specific queues, Kat efficiently manages the situation by leveraging Contivio’s admin portal to temporally redirect calls, ensuring optimal performance until equilibrium is restored within the teams.


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