All the Features to Transform Your Computer Into a Cloud Contact Center

With advanced telephony controls, intelligent routing, native CRM integration and real time reporting, you’ll have all the features you need to transform your office into an omnichannel cloud contact center.

All the Features to Transform Your Computer Into a Cloud Contact Center

With advanced telephony controls, intelligent routing, native CRM integration and real time reporting, you’ll have all the features you need to transform your office into an omnichannel cloud contact center.

Take & Make Calls

Empower your agents with easy-to-use telephony controls accessed directly from the Contivio toolbar app. Now there’s no need to toggle between multiple screens or ever leave your CRM.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Listen in on your agent’s calls in real time, or review previous call recordings by agent within the CRM.

Call Disposition, Notes, Wrap Up

Select a disposition and take notes directly in Contivio’s toolbar. Program a wrap-up period to ensure agents record notes before moving on to the next customer.

Call Forwarding, Transferring, Conferencing

Forward calls, warm or cold transfer calls to other agents, queues or offices, and hold conference calls with up to 5 people.

Speed Dial, Company Directory

Easily access frequently dialed vendors & partners via speed dial, and look up other team members and agents across the company using the Company Directory.

Dynamic & Local Caller ID

Present any phone number as your Outbound Caller ID, or automatically localize the outbound ID to match the customer record in the CRM.

Hot-Desking & Remote Agents

Whether your agents are working remotely or working in different shifts at the same workstation, Contivio’s app can support all reps no matter where they are.

Trigger and Sync Scheduled Calls

If you schedule a follow-up call or task in your CRM, Contivio automatically pulls in the data and displays it within the toolbar. Contivio will also auto-dial the number indicated in the task and screen pop the relevant information.

History Search & Agent Reporting

Each agent has the ability to track and monitor their own performance and search through their call history.

Stand Alone PBX Offering

For users who aren’t part of the contact center, Contivio has a PBX offering that includes the easy-to-use toolbar and all standard telephony features for just $10.

Intelligent Routing & ACD

Ensure your customers have the level of service they deserve. Features like Automatic Call Back and Self-Service IVR are easy ways to make the customer experience more enjoyable.

CRM Adaptive Routing

Route calls based on custom fields within your CRM. For example, have VIP customers routed directly to their assigned Sales rep when they call in.

Text to Speech, Agent & Queue Music

Broadcast messages in the IVR using text-to-speech, or upload your own music to the IVR menu to play while your customer is on hold or transferred.

Dial by Extension

Inbound Callers can reach specific agents by inputting the agent’s extension number into the IVR.

Call Surveys

After a call concludes you have the ability to send that call back to the IVR for a post call satisfaction survey. You can also choose to send out a survey via SMS after a call, or as a broadcast message to many users at once.

Automatic Call Back & Queue Voicemail

If your call center is experiencing a higher volume than average, give users a choice to leave a voicemail or automatically call them back when they get to the front of the queue.

Self-Service IVR

Customers can easily type in their case ID or sales order number in the IVR and Contivio will read them their latest status from the CRM. Customers can stay on the line to speak to a representative.

Skill-Based, Priority Routing

Assign incoming communication traffic to the most skilled and knowledgeable Agent, instead of simply choosing the next available Agent.

Shift, Operating Hours, Holiday Routing

Routing communications based upon time of day, schedule and/or Agent availability. For holidays, route users to an international office queue if necessary.

Call Notifications

Trigger an email for an unanswered incoming call or chat to a remote agent with an option to pick-up from a remote phone.

CRM Integration

Contivio’s out-of-the-box Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows you to integrate your phone system and contact center with any leading CRM & Ticketing software.

Custom Screen Popping For All Media

Automatically launch the most relevant customer record, account or case in your CRM based on an inbound and/or outbound communication channel.

CRM Record Owner Routing

Have your VIP customers skip the queue, and route them to the right Sales or Support contact assigned to them within the CRM.

Web to Lead Campaigns

Automatically create a new lead in your CRM and dial them immediately to catch them while they’re most engaged.

Power Dialing with Local Presence

Increase your sales responsiveness by masking your phone number dynamically from your CRM to match your customer’s area code.

Case Management

Screen pop new and existing cases and log all call & media updates directly within the case in your CRM.

Post Call and Media Updates

Post-media data (including call recordings and chat conversations) will be pushed and stored within the CRM as a record activity.

Trigger Scheduled Calls

All calls scheduled in the CRM will appear within the Contivio toolbar. Contivio will automatically dial the call when it’s the right time, or will queue up the call if the rep is busy.

Broadcast Campaigns (SMS & Voice)

Launch SMS or Voice broadcast campaigns automatically from CRM saved searches.

DNC Compliance

Contacts added to the “Do-Not-Call” compliance list will not be included in any Outbound Call Campaign.

Leverage your existing CRM & ticketing system to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Management Tools & Reporting

Observe agent & customer interactions from any location, at any time with Contivio’s real-time monitoring capabilities, or review past conversations stored directly in your CRM.

Multi-level Admin Reporting

Assign Administrators and Sub-Administrators different privileges depending on their roles within your contact center.

Workforce Management

Manage your agents’ shifts by assigning specific tasks within Contivio’s admin portal.

Variable Percentage Recording

Choose to record 100% of calls, or select a variable percentage of calls to record anywhere from 1-100%.

Live Statistics, Agent Status Reporting

View Queue and Agent Statistics for metrics such as “Abandons”, “Longest Wait Time”, and “Average Time to Answer.”


In Contivio’s real-time dashboard, you can display stats by agent, queue, media type and more.

Call Monitoring, Whisper, Barge-In

Monitor calls real-time, whisper to agents while they’re on the phone to coach them through a call, or barge-in and take over a call if necessary.

On-the-Fly Configuration

With our cloud integration, all settings can be adjusted by supervisors and administrators on-the-fly with no hard coding, ongoing maintenance or downtime.

Historical Reporting

Contivio provides detailed historical key performance indicators (KPIs) with extensive filtering capabilities.

Company Notifications

Blast out a notification message via Agent Instant Messaging if you need to get an important message out in a pinch.

Omnichannel Solutions

Manage all incoming communication & media traffic – Voice, Voicemail, Fax, SMS, Email, Chat and Social – all in one place using Contivio’s browser toolbar.


Traditional mode of taking & making calls for contact centers, sales teams, and telemarketers, but with the added benefit of CRM screen popping and activity storing.


Automatically broadcast a voicemail message to a campaign list rather than spending hours talking to customers…great for marketing promotions or mass notifications.

Live Chat

Chat requests from your website will be routed to an available Agent and activate screen-popping.


Contact Center Agents may send & receive Email messages, customizing each message by leveraging screen pops.


Contact Center Agents may send & receive SMS messages with screen popping capabilities.

Web to Lead

Automatically create a lead in your CRM when a prospect fills out a web form from your website or social media.

Social Media

Dedicate an individual phone number to each social channel to track call volume and performance, or chat live with your followers without leaving the page.


Contact Center Agents may send outbound fax campaigns or receive inbound faxes via the queue.


Send your customer a link to browse the same screen so you are always on the same page.

*Coming soon

Engage with your customers on their preferred channel of choice and map everything back to your CRM.

Contact Center Architecture

Contivio’s patented CloudConnect technology and contact center architecture enables seamless integration with any CRM within mere minutes. As a global company, we have the infrastructure to support any scaling business.

Global Redundancy

Data centers located throughout North America, Europe and Asia support your business globally.

Enterprise Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure keeps your contact center safe and secure.

Made for the Cloud

Whether you’re migrating from on-premise phones or another cloud contact center, Contivio has all of the tools you need to ensure a seamless transition.

VoIP Partner Flexibility

Contivio supports any SIP service provider, gateway, PBX or device, so you have the flexibility to use the provider and equipment that best fit your needs.

Least Cost Routing

Least Cost or International Routing to select the path of outbound communications traffic based on the least cost.

GUI Administrative Portal

Configure all aspects of SIP Trunking from any location, administer 911 settings, view call history data, access invoicing and more from Contivio’s admin portal.

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Want to extend your CRM's core functionality so that you're able to give your customers the very best in personalized service?

Give your Customers
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Want to extend your CRM's core functionality so that you're able to give your customers the very best in personalized service?