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One Product. The Complete Package.

Our ALL INCLUSIVE pricing model is just that, you get everything and pay only for the number of concurrent users using Contivio.com, not the number of named users like our competition, and get our complete contact center solution.


Small to Medium Enterprises


  • Per user per month for
  • 5 – 100 concurrent users
  • For all functionality


Medium Enterprises


  • Per user per month for
  • 101 – 200 concurrent users
  • For all functionality


Large Enterprises


  • Per user per month for
  • 200+ concurrent users
  • For all functionality


Do you require more than 300 concurrent users? Contact Us for Enterprise Pricing

Don't want to store your own voice recordings? Take advantage of our hosted services...for only $10 per GB per month, we'll store all of your recordings in our Cloud for easy access!


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does calling cost? Do you have per minute usage fees for inbound and outbound calls?

Calling is free. Contivio.com does not charge for inbound and outbound calls as we’re not your VoIP provider. We provide the flexibility of choice so you can choose any VoIP service, further helping you reduce costs. We can sit across any provider, local or international, preventing per minute fees and absorbent long distant charges.

What is a user?

A “user” or “agent” is anyone in your company who will be using the Contivio.com telephony or contact center solution. You can add or remove users/agents at any time and we will prorate your account depending on when you add the agent.

How long does it take to implement? How much does it cost?

Contivio.com can be up and running in 1-2 days for the simplest of requirements, 1-2 weeks for larger teams, and 1-2 months for the most complex of environments. We have an experienced team who will work with you to learn your requirements to deliver an estimate that will match your budget and timeline goals.

What if I want to cancel my service?

No problem. If you decide Contivio.com isn’t for you, simply cancel before your next billing period. You won’t be charged for the next month of service.

If you’re on an Annual Plan, you will be charged a penalty equal to 3 months of service.

Can I see a demo?

Absolutely, we’d love to give you a guided tour of the product. You can reach us via our chat solution or email us at sales@contivio.com. We will get in touch with you immediately to learn more about who you are and where you’re experiencing the most difficulty - this will help tailor and personalize your demo.

What is concurrent user licensing?

Concurrent user licensing allows you to purchase software at a lower cost because the maximum number of concurrent users expected to use Contivio.com at any given time (those users all logged in together) is only a portion of the total system users employed at your contact center. The concurrent licenses are global and shared by anyone who needs to use Contivio.com. This contrasts with "named-user" licensing in which one license must be purchased for each and every individual user whether they are using the software or not.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards.

What if I do not want to pay with a credit or debit card?

We accept other forms of payment. Please contact us at finance@contivio.com to setup your account.



Our Solution

Contivio.com’s Contact Center in the Cloud provides a powerful, flexible alternative to traditional contact center technologies.

  • Are you looking for a contact center solution to better manage service & support requests, sales inquiries, or employee interactions?
  • Do you want to achieve operational efficiency by extending your contact center across borders – whether that be onshore, offshore or at home?
  • Do you want to leverage your existing CRM investment and transform it into a fully fledged contact center?
  • Do you want to move all of your telephony operations to the cloud? As Contivio.com also runs on any SIP compliant VoIP handset, your entire business can sit on one communications backbone...there's no other solution like it!
  • Do you want to remove operational infrastructure risk and ensure business continuity?

Contivio.com is the world’s most advanced contact center in the cloud...the game has changed and you’ve come to the right place!

Experience The Benefits Today

Year-over-year Performance Improvement Graph

Expected ROI

  • 27% lower annual contact center costs compared to on-premise contact centers
  • 10% annual company revenue increase
  • 7.3% annual company profit increase

Improve overall customer service

  • 27% improvement on customer abandonment rate
  • 5.6% improvement on customer retention
  • 35% less downtime


Why We're Leading the Way

VoIP Agnostic

We sit on top of any VoIP provider, thereby, giving the customer flexibility of choice and lower cost options...there's no hidden or additional charges for inbound and outbound calls

Global Presence

No other provider is able to provide a cheaper cost solution for international contact center growth – due to our VoIP flexibility

One Common Infrastructure

We own the complete backbone of Contivio.com as the entire solution stack was homebuilt – no third-party providers

CloudConnect – Contivio.com Angels

Our patented integration technology can screen pop within minutes any CRM, cloud or premise based – no code, no APIs, no web services, no hidden costs

Our Promise To You

Our seasoned contact center experts employ a turnkey approach to get Contivio.com up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Through a combination of interviews and discovery sessions we will gain an in-depth understanding of your business objectives and recommend industry best practices.

Our training regime spans numerous methods and media types to help any type of learner adapt to our system effortlessly:

  • Live, in-person training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • On-demand webinars
  • Online help for self-paced study


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