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About Reverse Mortgage Funding (RMF)

Managed by a team of industry veterans, Reverse Mortgage Funding™ (RMF) offers a full array of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans, plus the expertise to help homeowners understand and navigate the entire process.

“Contivio’s NetSuite Power Dialer has been a real game-changer for our Sales team. The reps create their list, hit the start button and start dialing directly from NetSuite. We couldn’t ask for an easier solution!”

~ Eric Ellsworth
Vice President, Consumer Direct Sales


At a Glance

Website: reversefunding.com
Industry: Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
CRM: NetSuite
Customer Since: February 2014
Why Contivio:

  • CRM Implementation
  • Blended Functionality
  • Scalability


  • Needed to route calls to Sales reps based on territory
  • Didn’t have NetSuite integration, so everything was manual
  • Needed a blended solution for both inbound & outbound

Reverse Mortgage Funding (RMF) believe that homeowners deserve more from reverse mortgage lenders, and strive to give their customers the best service through consultative selling and applying a fresh perspective. To differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide the highest quality customer service, they needed a Contact Center solution that integrated with their CRM (NetSuite) and automated the outbound dialing process for their Sales reps, which wasn’t possible with their old Avaya phone system.

Prior to choosing Contivio, RMF researched several Cloud solution providers over the course of a year, and each provider was asked to highlight key traits that separate their integration from competitors. After a quick demo of Contivio’s patented CloudConnect NetSuite Integration technology, Reverse Mortgage had found their match.

“CloudConnect provided us with the flexibility to configure our NetSuite integration to maximize daily efficiency for our agents.”

~ Eric Ellsworth
Vice President, Consumer Direct Sales


  • Power Dialer with Screen Pops & Local Presence
  • Priority & CRM-Adaptive Routing
  • CRM Screen Pops & Post-Call Updates

In the fast-paced home mortgage industry, RMF’s Consumer Direct Channel Leader, Eric Ellsworth, stressed how vital it was for his contact center agents to experience blended functionality for both inbound & outbound calls.

Most of RMF’s business is conducted by cold calling leads, which is why they were eager to find a solution that allowed Sales reps to develop personal lists of leads using NetSuite Saved Searches, and automatically dial each lead directly from NetSuite. They also wanted the reps to have the ability to start and stop dialing at their convenience.

After hearing RMF’s needs, the team at Contivio seized the opportunity to take their existing Power Dialer a step further, and developed a CRM Power Dialer that could be controlled by Sales reps from NetSuite’s Marketing Campaigns. Contivio’s team worked closely with RMF to scope the product, and after a few months of development, RMF became the first client (of many) to use Contivio’s Power Dialer controls in NetSuite.

To improve conversion rates, the new CRM Power Dialer (that’s still in use today) also screen-pops each Lead in NetSuite prior to placing the call so that the rep can review the lead’s information and tailor the pitch to each potential customer. Using Contivio’s local presence feature, the Power Dialer also dynamically masks the Sales rep’s Caller ID number to match the lead’s area code and increase the chances of connecting.

Although the majority of RMF’s calls are outbound, routing inbound callers to qualified agents was also essential for their business to function. As mortgage rates and laws vary per location, RMF needed to ensure that the rep who answered the call was fully qualified to handle the customer’s needs. Now when an inbound call comes in, Contivio takes the phone number and automatically queries NetSuite to identify the rep in the customer’s territory and routes the call accordingly. When the sales rep is offered the call, Contivio screen pops the existing customer’s information in NetSuite (or screen pops a new Lead form for a new prospect), and automatically pushes all post-call updates, notes, dispositions and recordings back into NetSuite for future reference.

Eric put it best when he said, “Contivio promised to deliver qualified agent routing, and they really came through.”


With business booming, the RMF team continues to grow in parallel. RMF originally launched the Contivio software with just 10 reps, and now they have over 80 reps who take advantage of the platform on a daily basis. RMF’s team had anticipated this growth, which is why they needed to find a solution with on-demand scalability. Additionally, RMF’s administrator can add new users, adjust queue settings, and set agent skills & competencies, within mere minutes using Contivio’s Administrative Portal. Since Contivio only invoices based on the total number of concurrent users, RMF never has to worry about paying for agents who aren’t using the software.

RMF made a commitment to move forward with Contivio and haven’t looked back since. Their team has found the Contivio software easy to use and have benefited from increased efficiency across the board on both inbound and outbound calls. They look forward to continuing the relationship and adding many more users in the future.

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