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Teeter Finds Relief Using Contivio’s Call Center Software

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Since 1981, Teeter has been committed to helping individuals relieve their back pain. Teeter is best known for their high quality inversion tables and products that help relieve back pain naturally.

We’ve seen massive improvements since bringing Contivio on over a year ago. We’ve experienced better call quality, and the NetSuite integration is always reliable, which is a big bonus for us. Contivio really makes an impact for our agents on every phone call.

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January 2017

Why Contivio
  • NetSuite Integration
  • Self-Service Administrative Tools
  • Customer Support & Reliability


Experienced poor connection quality
Had limited access to call recordings
Inconsistent NetSuite updates added manual work

For decades, Teeter’s mission has been to set an example for safety within the fitness industry, and to strive for excellence in product quality, support and service. Since their history of loyal, satisfied customers has helped to establish Teeter as one of the most trusted names in fitness, Teeter relies on a fully functioning Call Center to continually go above & beyond for their customers.

When Teeter went live with NetSuite in 2013, they knew they wanted a Contact Center with seamless CRM integration to better service their customers. They decided to implement an industry-leading Cloud Contact Center solution, but quickly learned that their choice was not living up to expectations. Their new vendor’s customer support team was slow to respond, they experienced poor connection quality, and their NetSuite integration didn’t work 100% of the time. When call logs failed to sync with NetSuite, Teeter found that their agents were wasting valuable time by manually inputting information into NetSuite, or simply not entering any notes at all. This inconsistency led to a lot of internal confusion, as agents are goaled based on number of calls handled.

In addition to the issues they were experiencing, Teeter was also looking for an easier and more secure way to store their call recordings. Their old software was not able to store the call recording URLs in NetSuite automatically, and the recordings could only be accessed by an administrator, which added a lot of work for the Business Process & Systems Manager, Janie Ott. Once they found out Contivio had all of the integrations their current vendor had, plus the ability to store call recording URLs in NetSuite, they knew they met their match.


Before launch, Teeter worked closely with Contivio’s Professional Services team to set up their routing to make the best use of each agent’s unique skill-set. Now when an inbound caller reaches Teeter’s IVR, Contivio will automatically play a prompt specific to the brand they called in about. From there, the customer has the option to speak to a representative in English or Spanish. Once the customer chooses a language, he or she is routed to an agent based on competency level & skill. For example, if a customer calls about a return, Teeter prefers to route him or her to an agent with the most proven ability to save a sale. Another agent’s role is to proactively call customers using Contivio’s Click-to-Dial NetSuite functionality, so he only receives calls when the rest of the team is bogged down. Though Contivio’s team configured these settings for launch, Teeter now has the training and tools they need to add new agents, adjust agent competency and make changes to routing on the fly within Contivio’s Administrative Portal.

After the call is routed to the most qualified agent, Contivio looks for the number in NetSuite and “screen pops” the matching Customer Record. From there the agent can review the customer’s orders and notes all in one place. During and after the call, the agent uses Contivio’s notepad to make notes about the call and add a disposition. Teeter has chosen to make the “disposition” field mandatory so each agent is forced to categorize the call, which has allowed them to get better insight into their customers’ reasons for calling.

When the Call Is Finished

Contivio automatically saves it as a Phone Call activity within the Customer Record in NetSuite for future reference. In the activity, Teeter is able to access pertinent call information such as date, time, length, disposition, notes, and call recording URL. Business Process & Systems Manager, Janie Ott, noted “it’s a huge help for our Customer Services Manager to be able to listen to call recordings for quality and make sure that her agents are answering the calls as they should be. It’s nice for her to have that control.”

Agent Competency & Skills-Based Routing
Administrative Portal, Supervisor Dashboard
NetSuite Screen Pops, Activity Logging, Call Recordings


After migrating their Call Center to Contivio’s platform, Teeter’s team has spent less time manually logging activities in NetSuite and now have a more accurate view of their call metrics by agent. Ms. Ott, noted, “We’ve seen massive improvements since bringing Contivio on over a year ago. We’ve experienced better call quality, and the NetSuite integration is always reliable, which is a big bonus for us. Contivio really makes an impact for our agents on every phone call.”

From an administrative standpoint, Teeter also noticed a big difference in responsiveness with Contivio’s customer support team compared to their previous vendor. As Ms. Ott put it, “The team at Contivio was great at teaching us how to use the system and they’re always responsive when we submit a service ticket.” After learning the Administrative Portal, they’re able to make more changes on their end and have more flexibility over their call center than they had with their previous system.

In addition to the time-savings, using Contivio’s Call Survey capabilities Teeter has been able to capture feedback from their customers to improve their agents’ performance and customer service. 24 hours after a customer speaks with an agent, Contivio automatically calls the customer back to ask three simple questions about their service experience. From there Contivio posts the results back to NetSuite, and a report is automatically sent to the Customer Service Manager, who digs into the customers who gave poor scores. She reads the notes and listens to the call recording directly from NetSuite and checks to see if the customer complaint is valid. If it’s valid, she gives feedback to the agent on how the call could have been improved.

Teeter Now Has Access to Real-Time Reporting Capabilities

Through Contivio’s easy-to-use dashboard. Ms. Ott and her colleagues always have the dashboard visible on screens in their Call Center and constantly monitor the Call Waiting times. Teeter’s management team wants to ensure their customers don’t have to wait too long for a customer service agent to answer their call, so if they see that the waiting time is longer than average, they are able to quickly view their agents’ statuses in real time to see if anyone is logged out or on break and adjust accordingly. They’re also able to see their dispositions overall, by queue and by agent, which has been helpful for them to identify any trends in customer reasons for calling.

Teeter’s first year with Contivio has been a success and the team is looking forward to see what Contivio has in store over the next few years.


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