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About SoClean


SoClean can sleep easier with Contivio’s Unparalleled Contact Center Solution at their fingertips

Company Story

The SoClean story began with a mission to solve a problem that others didn’t see and they needed to develop a new product to secure the company's future. Now, more than a decade later, SoClean is a global leader in the manufacturing of Sleep Equipment and Maintenance products. Rooted in the credibility of true innovation, SoClean is the only brand dedicated to bettering lives through the power of a better clean in every way, every day. Both Contivio and SoClean’s innovative and unparalleled products continue to provide peace of mind for their customers, it’s no wonder the two were a match made in heaven.

We needed a call center solution and partner that could scale and grow with us, it was a very important time regarding our company's growth, Contivio has been right there with us every step of the way.

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Why Contivio
  • Scalability
  • Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards
  • NetSuite Integration


Needed NetSuite integration along with more comprehensive reporting
Needed help managing heavy inbound traffic
Needed a solution that could keep up with rapid growth

SoClean is revolutionizing how the world gets clean. Their researchers, designers, and engineers spend their waking hours pioneering the easiest, most effective ways to make cleaning the impossible possible. With a host of different products, SoClean has heavy inbound traffic ranging from large sales orders to troubleshooting equipment issues. 

They needed a call center solution that could handle this high volume of media traffic, with the ability to have these interactions plugged back into their CRM. Supervisors were also in need of more comprehensive reporting, whereby they could track important metrics and keep a closer eye on their end users.


SoClean deployed Contivio’s industry-leading technology to transform their NetSuite environment into a feature-rich Contact Center. Now both sales and support teams utilize screen pops for Voice, Live Chat, Email, and SMS with meaningful customer interactions stored in their CRM automatically. Furthermore, supervisors have more in-depth reporting showing real-time metrics and configurable dashboards, which give granular insights into both call center and agent performance.

As Chris put it, “When it came to our change management, the adoption of Contivio for NetSuite has been so smooth with no headaches.”

Admin Portal Management
NetSuite Integration
Omnichannel Capabilities (Phone, Live Chat, Email)


Before finding Contivio, SoClean struggled with keeping tabs on sales and support agents (they weren’t able to scan for red flags or outliers regarding their call centers’ performance). Utilizing Contivio’s Admin portal and real time analytics every day, SoClean has a constant finger on the pulse of their organization, which is so important when trying to provide a positive customer experience or pushing deals along the sales pipeline.

Furthermore, SoCleans’ sales and support teams are upwards of 35% more efficient thanks to Contivio’s integrations with NetSuite, which has streamlined countless redundant workflows. SoClean can breathe easier knowing they’re backed by Contivio, a fully integrated call center product they can rely on and one that can grow and scale with them.

Using Contivio’s Native Tools Inside NetSuite

As Chris stated, “Our team loves Contivio. They have hit the mark on any promise ever made, and continue to exceed expectations”


Case Studies


Case Studies


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