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LivOn Labs Revives Their Call Center with Contivio

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LivOn Labs offers Vitamin C and a variety of other high quality liposomal supplements that are easily absorbed by the body to deliver the maximum targeted dosage quickly and efficiently. Founded in 2004, they were the first company to bring Liposome Encapsulation Technology (LET) dietary supplements to consumers.

Contivio’s software helped bring our contact center into the 21st Century.

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February 2014

Why Contivio
  • CRM Implementation
  • Blended Functionality
  • Scalability


Had limited reporting and no direct access to call recording
Weren’t able to make configuration changes on the fly
Small in-house team always needs to operate at maximum efficiency

LivOn Labs’ mission is to educate and empower customers to take control of their health. In order to provide the best advice, their in-house agents review past history, notes, and call recordings to fully understand their customers’ needs. With their old PBX system, LivOn Labs did not have easy access to call recordings, and without NetSuite integration it was too time consuming for agents to keep customer records up to date within their CRM.

Since LivOn Labs’ products require a lot of training and knowledge, they manage a small team of experts in-house who specialize in product-specific questions. For more general questions, they refer customers to a third party call center to help handle the load. With their limited amount of internal resources, it is important to maximize each agent’s time and implement an IVR flow with options that route either to an internal agent or their outsourced call center depending on the time of day and the customer’s request. Their old system did not provide a GUI administrative portal to make configuration changes on the fly, so they found it was difficult and time consuming to make minor changes to their routing rules, queues and agents.

In addition to the lack of self-service administrative capabilities, their old PBX plan didn’t offer reporting metrics beyond their monthly bill, which made it difficult to gauge how their Call Center was operating in real time. Before they decided to switch phone systems, LivOn Labs dedicated valuable resources to listen to phone calls to get visibility into what customers were calling about and how long each call took. With their new software, LivOn Labs was looking forward to having real-time reports that displayed call volume, average call duration and the customers’ top reasons for calling.

Before going live with Contivio, LivOn Labs researched several other cloud call center solutions that offered NetSuite integration, but found that Contivio’s integrations, price point, and flexibility were the best fit for them.


During the implementation phase, LivOn Labs worked closely with Contivio to configure their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route customers to agents based on time of day, skills and competency. After launch, LivOn Labs has been able to make adjustments to agents’ skills, routing rules, and IVR on the fly using Contivio’s Administrative Portal.

LivOn Labs also used Contivio’s technology to integrate their Contact Center with NetSuite. When customers call in, they are routed to the appropriate agent based on their selection within the IVR. When the agent receives the call, Contivio “screen pops” the customer’s record in NetSuite, allowing the agent to review past history before answering. If the customer’s number isn’t found in NetSuite, Contivio will automatically “screen pop” a new Customer page with the customer’s number pre-filled in. On the call, the agent selects a disposition and takes notes within Contivio’s notepad, and Contivio automatically saves the information along with a Call Recording URL as an activity within the customer’s record in NetSuite for future reference.

In Tandem with Voice

LivOn Labs launched Live Chat for the first time ever with Contivio to provide more options for their customers to communicate with them. Similar to calls, when a new chat comes in, Contivio looks up the email address and phone number within NetSuite and “screen pops” the Customer record if a match is found. Now their agents are able to multitask and save time by handling several customer conversations at once.

Another key requirement for LivOn Labs was the flexibility to scale and mobilize quickly. With agents working remotely and across corporate offices, they wanted to choose a solution that could support everyone on the same system. LivOn Labs’ Operations Manager, Amy Nelson said, “Contivio helps us manage our staff across all locations: onsite, remote and outsourced included.”

Administrative Portal, Supervisor Dashboard, Call Recording
Omnichannel (Voice, Live Chat)
NetSuite Screen Pops and Activity Logging


After launching Contivio, LivOn Labs now have full visibility into their call center, which allows them to see their volume by channel, distribution by agent, handling times, results by queue, and much more in real time.

Shortly after going live, their new 360-degree dashboard helped Operations Manager Amy Nelson notice an uneven distribution of calls among her team. With Contivio’s reporting, she found that one agent was taking almost 40% of the calls, and one agent was not handling his fair share of the volume. Upon further investigation, she noticed this one particular agent was not logged in the majority of the time, and when he was logged in, he declined several calls. After this discovery she spoke with the agent and found he wasn’t comfortable on the phone, so she was able to assist with training and reassign him to other tasks.

In addition to the reporting, Contivio’s call recordings have been key in employee training and development. Since they are easily accessible within NetSuite, Amy has been able to add call recording URLs to her training materials to allow agents to hear good and bad examples of customer interactions.

The LivOn Labs Team Has Noticed Efficiency Across the Board

With Contivio’s NetSuite integration and Self-Servicing tools. The agents are now able to save valuable time by not having to look up or log customers’ information manually in NetSuite.

From an administrative standpoint, Amy has been able to quickly make changes on the fly using Contivio’s admin portal. She noted that “from an operations point of view, Contivio was a huge time-saver because I am able to quickly change routing rules at the drop of a hat instead of relying on other people for help.”

While most of Contivio’s functionality is self-servicing, their customer support team is available around the clock to provide additional help as needed. Ms. Nelson noted, “The entire Contivio team has been so accommodating to our needs. When we submit a ticket, the Support team is always professional and quick to respond.” She also mentioned that she has been impressed with Contivio’s dedication to product innovation, and recently implemented a new feature in her Call Center to automatically pause recording when agents are taking customer credit card information in NetSuite.

Two years and four new products later, LivOn Labs continues to enjoy their partnership with Contivio and looks forward to adding more features to continually improve their Contact Center.


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