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Sustainable Supply

About Sustainable Supply


Sustainable Supply Increases Productivity with Contivio’s Contact Center Software

Company Story

Sustainable Supply is one of America’s top providers of green and eco-friendly building materials, industrial supplies, restroom products, maintenance supplies, and safety products for the commercial marketplace. Their clients include global corporations, national retailers, government agencies, local churches, schools, small businesses, contractors, and more.

The support we’ve gotten from Contivio has been phenomenal. There are countless times I’ve spoken to the team after-hours, and they’ve always been extremely responsive to our needs.

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Customer Since

November 2014

Why Contivio
  • NetSuite integration
  • Self-Service Administrative Tools
  • Omnichannel capabilities


Needed CRM integration to provide personalized customer service
Contact Center adjustments were out of their control and time consuming
Wanted to expand to other channels like Live Chat using one platform

Since 2009, Sustainable Supply has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their customers by offering a wide variety of products (over 1 million to date) and providing high quality service and expertise.

Prior to using Contivio, Sustainable Supply had a basic PBX solution with no CRM integration. Since customer service was a high priority for them, they wanted to upgrade to a contact center solution that integrated with their CRM: NetSuite.

In addition to the need for NetSuite integration, Sustainable Supply was also looking for a solution with intelligent routing so they could direct their customers to the most qualified customer service reps. With four different brands to support, each with their own niche, Sustainable Supply needed a solution that could route calls to agents based on their competency and areas of expertise.

After reading countless reviews on SuiteApp and researching several other companies, Sustainable Supply found that Contivio best fit their needs.


After implementing Contivio’s contact center solution with NetSuite integration, Sustainable Supply’s agents are now able to see who’s calling, and which brand they’re calling about. Contivio looks at the phone number that the customer dialed and their selection within the IVR and routes the call to the appropriate queue and rep based on competency level. Once the right rep is found and accepts the call, Contivio screen pops the customer’s record in NetSuite, along with a notification to let the rep know which brand the customer dialed. The rep tailors the conversation to speak to the customer’s needs and then when the call is complete, it is automatically logged as an activity in NetSuite for future reference.

In addition to taking live phone calls, Sustainable Supply also incorporated Queue Voicemail and Live Chat into their contact center – at no extra cost! With Queue Voicemail, customers are able to leave voice messages (during after hours or long queue wait times), which are automatically routed to the next available agent within the queue. From there the agent listens to the message and calls the customer back.

For Customers Who Prefer to Communicate without Having to Pick up The Phone

Live Chat is available as another option for Customer Service requests. It caught on quickly with Sustainable Supply’s customer base and now accounts for ~20% of all inbound Customer Service communications.

Though Sustainable Supply’s contact center is mostly inbound, they also use Contivio for outbound calls. They simply look up the customer’s information in NetSuite and click on the phone number to place the call. Similar to inbound, all calls are logged as activities within NetSuite.

Omnichannel NetSuite Integration (Screen Pops, Activity Logging)
Intelligent Routing & ACD that’s configurable on the fly
Blended Inbound & Outbound Calls & Media


Since Sustainable Supply has a small team of 15 agents, every second of their time matters. After going live with Contivio, Sustainable Supply’s supervisors have been able to monitor real-time analytics on a weekly basis to track call volume, average time per call, agent availability, and much more. They’re also able to make changes to their contact center on the fly using Contivio’s administrative portal, without having to wait for someone to adjust the settings for them. If there’s ever something their team can’t handle, Contivio’s support team is just a call, chat or email away. Tyler Browne, VP of Operations & IT, praised the support team, mentioning that “the support from Contivio has been phenomenal. There are countless times I’ve spoken to the team after-hours, and they’ve always been extremely responsive to our needs.”

From an agent perspective, they no longer have to waste time manually searching for customer information in NetSuite or remember to log call information – It’s all done automatically through Contivio. As Tyler put it, “the team really enjoys the Contivio softphone and find it much easier to use than their old hard phones.”

In addition to the time savings, Sustainable Supply is also able to provide more personalized customer experiences now that they have insight into which brand the customer is calling about, and can see the customers’ history in front of them. They’ve been enjoying Contivio since 2014 and look forward to adding more features to add more efficiency to their contact center.


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Case Studies


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