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Alton Lane

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A Contact Center Suited for Alton Lane


Alton Lane, backed by a team of entrepreneurs, developed a framework to provide hand-crafted luxury suits, at more affordable prices.

The entire process, purchase to go-live took mere days versus our past on-premise deployments that took months. I couldn’t have done what we did with Alton Lane with a traditional vendor.

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March 2014

Why Contivio
  • Scalability
  • Ease of deployment
  • NetSuite Integration


Needed a solution that could keep up with rapid growth
Couldn’t afford to wait months for a new system to launch
Didn’t have NetSuite integration, so everything was manual

With a vision to provide men with clothing they truly want, Alton Lane has been rapidly expanding its footprint throughout the US. With plans to open over 50 showrooms across the country in the next few years, a fully supported cloud solution was vital for them to scale.

Given their surge in popularity over the past few years, Alton Lane continues to open new showrooms throughout major cities. With growth dictated by customer demand, Alton Lane needed an affordable contact center solution with on-demand scalability. With Contivio’s cloud-based solution, Alton Lane’s service and support team is capable of expanding at any time.

With a fully functional back-office suite, adding new showrooms has been a breeze for Alton Lane and their staff. Just ask Justin Stevens, Alton Lane’s Director of Domestic Operations, “The entire process, purchase to go-live took mere days versus our past on-premise deployments that took months. I couldn’t have done what we did with Alton Lane with a traditional vendor.”


Selling great products at affordable pricing is always challenging. As fashion visionaries, Alton Lane accounts for this by keeping the entire process in-house. By hand selecting fabrics, sewing and sizing on site, Alton Lane can provide top-tier designs well below market value without compromising on quality.

Contivio’s approach is similar when deploying their contact center. Everything comes standard, out-of-the-box, capable of delivering the service through all media channels – voice, voicemail, chat, SMS, fax and email. Aside from product depth, Alton Lane targeted CRM integration as one of the underlying requirements. After a short demo of Contivio’s screen pops, Alton Lane was a quick believer in CloudConnect seamless integration ability.

Inbound & Outbound Blended Functionality
NetSuite Screen Popping on Any Criteria
NetSuite Post-Call & Media Updates


As Alton Lane understands all too well, just as customers have varying body sizes and styles, each customer is unique, which is why the customer service experience should be tailored to fit each of their needs. As a market leader, building their customer facing environment off a strong foundation was vital to their business process. The trick was to find a solution that personified their beliefs, while tackling the heavy lifting.

As Justin put it, “Alton Lane partnered with Contivio because of its scalability. The Operations team opens showrooms fast (in some cases less than 5 weeks) so we were looking for a solution and a team behind that solution that can support the company’s rapid growth.”

By having Contivio provide the necessary infrastructure, Alton Lane’s core value of tier-1 customer service continues to evolve for the better. So much so that competitors are being left in the dust, as Alton Lane’s fun, relaxing and engaging experience is grabbing the attention of customers worldwide.


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Case Studies


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