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Case Study

Rugs Direct Improves the Customer Experience with Contivio & NetSuite

Company Story

Launched in 1998 as a full service floor covering company, Rugs Direct was one of the first retailers to sell area rugs online. Now, 20 years later, they are the nation’s leading source for area rugs with over 200,000 selections to choose from.

With Contivio, we’re able to get valuable insights into our workforce. Are we staffed appropriately, are we missing calls? With these findings, we’ve expanded our operating hours and increased revenue.

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July 2016

Why Contivio
  • NetSuite integration
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Self-Service Admin Tools & Reporting


Needed CRM integration to provide personalized customer service
Call recordings were difficult for their customer service team to access
Wanted to consolidate other channels like Live Chat into one platform

Since 1998, Rugs Direct has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their customers by offering a wide selection of over 200,000 high quality rugs and providing top tier customer service.

Prior to using Contivio, Rugs Direct used ShoreTel’s Call Center solution that did not offer CRM integration. Since customer service is a key competitive differentiator for them, they wanted to upgrade to a contact center solution that integrated with their CRM & ERP system, NetSuite, to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

After researching several other companies, Rugs Direct found that Contivio offered the most comprehensive solution at the most competitive price, or as Greg Culler, the Rugs Direct CIO likes to say, “Contivio had the best price to feature set ratio.”


The contact center launch process was seamless with Contivio, and required minimal resources from the Rugs Direct team to get up and running. Rugs Direct CIO Greg Culler mentioned, “Changing a phone system is always disruptive and I don’t remember it ever feeling that way with Contivio.”

The Rugs Direct Sales & Customer Service team are currently using Contivio’s all-inclusive contact center features, while the rest of the organization uses Contivio’s integrated-PBX offering. When a call comes in, the Sales & Customer Service reps get a screen pop of the customer dashboard page within NetSuite. This enables them to see all of the most recent activity associated with the customer.

After the call ends, all of the call details and agent notes get stored as an activity within NetSuite, along with a link to view the call recording. The Rugs Direct team records 100% of calls to review later on for quality assurance and training purposes.

In Addition to Taking Live Phone Calls

Rugs Direct also incorporated Queue Voicemail and Automated Callbacks into their contact center, which are both included with their contact center plan. With Queue Voicemail, customers are able to leave voice messages (during after hours or long queue wait times), which are automatically routed to the first agent who becomes available within the queue. From there the agent listens to the message and calls the customer back. Automated Callbacks give customers the ability to hang up while still waiting in the queue, so they don’t have to sit on the phone listening to hold music. When it’s their turn in queue, Contivio will automatically call the customer back when an agent becomes available.

Though the Rugs Direct contact center is mostly inbound, they also use Contivio for outbound calls. They simply look up the customer’s information in NetSuite and click on the phone number to place the call (i.e., click-to-dial). Similar to inbound, all calls are logged as activities within NetSuite.

Configurable IVR & ACD
NetSuite Screen Pops, Activity Logging, Call Recordings
Automated Callback & Queue Voicemail


After Rugs Direct went live with Contivio, they were able to capture valuable insights from Contivio’s reporting that helped them improve their call center. Looking at their results, they found that they were missing a lot of calls on weekends. The weekend callers weren’t leaving voicemails, which was likely a sign that they were going to competitors instead. Rugs Direct took this data and extended their operating hours to include weekend availability and capture those customers when they’re most engaged. As Greg Culler noted, “With Contivio, we’re able to get valuable insights into our workforce. Are we staffed appropriately, are we missing calls? With these findings, we’ve expanded our operating hours and increased revenue.”

In addition to the insights they were able to gather, Greg’s team also found that customer service reps are now able to focus more on helping the customer instead of spending the time doing mundane tasks. With Contivio in conjunction with NetSuite, they have completely automated customer service workflows that were time-consuming in the past.

Now that the call recordings are stored within NetSuite

Greg said, “We just go to a customer page in NetSuite and see all the call recordings associated with that customer. Now we can easily use those for customer service training.”

As a next step, Rugs Direct is looking forward to adding in Contivio’s Live Chat functionality to their contact center. This will allow them to cut costs and consolidate two channels into one platform for ease of use and holistic reporting.


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Case Studies


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