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eOne found a match made in heaven with Contivio, the one-stop shop Call Center Solution

Company Story

eOne Solutions is a leading author of innovative solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, CRM, NAV, Salesforce, and more. Their US, European, and Asia Pacific professional services teams provide support, training, and eOne module expertise to the partner community to ensure customers achieve superior outcomes. They maintain partnerships with over 500 Microsoft Dynamics resellers and have over 23,000 companies globally using its products.

Needless to say, eOne deals with heavy inbound and outbound traffic across various media channels every single day. They needed to ensure every available form of communication was available for their customers. Contivio’s Contact Center Solutions filled any existing gaps eOne may have had, whilst streamlining multiple redundant workflows.

We searched far and wide for a call center product that aligned with our business, Contivio was a perfect fit for us. There is nothing like it in the Contact Center marketplace.

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Why Contivio
  • Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards
  • CRM Integrations


Needed CRM Integration
Needed more channels of communication with their customers
Needed comprehensive reporting and live analytics

In today’s world, traditional voice isn’t the only means of communication and each customer has their preference of how they want to communicate with businesses. eOne Solutions was looking to cover any gaps in terms of customers being able to reach out to them and vice versa. Having any CRM operate at a high level is paramount in today’s environment, eOne was in need of a contact center tool more tightly integrated with their NetSuite environment. Supervisors were also in need of more comprehensive dashboards and reporting, whereby they could track important metrics and keep a closer eye on their end users.


With such a vast number of companies using eOne’s products and services, eOne understood the need for its customers to have multiple avenues of reaching out to their organization. Contivio provided the necessary infrastructure to evolve eOne Solutions communications channels by adding a live chat tool on their website, along with adding SMS capabilities to their contact center. Tighter CRM integrations along with the Contvio Administrator Portal have been major value adds to eOne Solutions business.

Where did eOne find the most value?

Contivio’s contact center solution with NetSuite integration enabled dynamic screen popping of relevant customer records in the CRM, this saves agents anywhere from 30 to 40 seconds for each call, which in turn will provide a better customer experience. Contivio expanded the avenues in which customers reach out and interact with eOne Solutions, by deploying a live chat tool on their website.

Now eOne is confident that every customer’s needs are swiftly taken care of regardless of how customers choose to reach out whether it be voice, live chat, or SMS. Contivio provided eOne Solutions with detailed historical key performance indicators (KPIs) with extensive filtering capabilities, allowing management to keep a finger on the pulse of customer interactions, along with agent utilization reports that track agents logged-in time, breaks, and availability. 

Administrative Portal Management
NetSuite Integration
Omnichannel Capabilities (Phone, Live Chat, SMS)


After thoroughly researching the industry, eOne selected Contvio as their Contact Center Solution, there were several reasons Contivio’s unparalleled solution proved to be exactly what they needed. For starters, being able to engage with customers across multiple media channels was a major gap that Contivio was able to fill. Furthermore, Contivio’s native reports and dashboards have equipped eOne solutions with the tools they need to easily identify any trends or outliers in their call center, in order to keep agents accountable. eOne Solutions agents and team leads live and operate within their CRM and thanks to Contivio’s sticky integrations into NetSuite staff efficiency has improved by upwards of 35%.

Leveraging Contivio’s Supervisor Tools and CRM Intergrations

eOne Solutions supervisors have leveraged the Administrator Portal to monitor real-time analytics and track call volume, average time per call, agent availability, and a plethora of other metrics. With this deeper reporting coupled with real-time data, Contivio has substantially improved their quality assurance and monitoring. eOne Solutions has increased staff efficiency thanks to Contivio’s dynamic screen pops and integrated Live Chat/SMS. Contivio's tight integrations into NetSuite has essentially transformed eOne's CRM into a fully fledged call center. Now agents benefit from working and living in their CRM where they are comfortable, with the added benefit of fielding inbound media across multiple channels coupled with dynamic screen popping capabilities. As eOne Solutions continues to grow Contivio will deliver Tier-1 functionality at scale, with the ability to tackle any new challenges that may arise.


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Case Studies


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