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Spear Education Teaches a Lesson in Contact Center Management


Spear Education is the leader in continuing education for dentists, offering a variety of materials and services from on-campus learning and study clubs to online courses and discussion forums.

We chose Contivio because of their flexibility and offering. Contivio was able to post communications to NetSuite natively without any custom work to bog us down.

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October 2016

Why Contivio
  • Native Net Suite Integration
  • Supervisor Tools & Reporting
  • Priority & Adaptive Routing


Complicated call center configuration with 6 business lines
They didn’t have NetSuite integration, so everything was manual
No call recording and not enough reporting

Spear is committed to providing the best proactive customer service for their network of dentists. Because they have thousands of customers spanning 6 lines of business, it’s important for them to record every interaction in NetSuite, as well as ensure their customers’ calls are being routed to the right agent in the right business line.

With their outdated phone system, Spear’s staff was not able to access the data they needed to truly understand their customer interactions, dispositions or connection rates, and therefore were not able to optimize to improve the experience. They also didn’t have access to call recording, which was needed for training and quality assurance.

Prior to choosing Contivio as their Contact Center of choice, Spear researched two other cloud contact center solutions, but quickly found that Contivio’s NetSuite integration features were unrivaled. Spear’s Project Manager for Special Projects, Andre Sprague shared, “we chose Contivio because of their flexibility and offering. Contivio was able to post communications to NetSuite natively without any custom work to bog us down.”


Contivio’s CloudConnect technology allows Spear to seamlessly access NetSuite without any custom code or APIs. Contivio’s NetSuite integration saves all call notes, dispositions and recording URLs to each customer’s record, allowing Spear’s agents & supervisors to reference and report off of them in the future.

Sprague explains the outbound process with Contivio in 4 simple steps: “Our reps click to dial the phone number in NetSuite, the call goes to their headset, they notate it inside Contivio and it pushes back into NetSuite – Works great every time.” Spear’s sales representatives use CloudConnect to place outbound calls by clicking on the phone number from a NetSuite record (i.e. “Click-to-dial”), or by using Contivio’s patented Power Dialer for NetSuite via saved search.

On the Inbound Side

Sprague notes, “We have a complicated business model, and Contivio has been able to deliver the custom routing we need to provide the best experience for our customers.” Contivio’s Priority & Adaptive Routing capabilities ensure Spear’s customers are put in touch with their dedicated sales representative per business line. If the preferred rep is on a call, Contivio automatically goes down a priority list based on all of the reps assigned to the record in NetSuite, so the customer will always hear a familiar voice. When the right rep is found, Contivio “screen pops” the customer’s record in NetSuite so the rep knows exactly who’s calling and what the latest communication has been.

Finally, Spear is using Contivio’s “queue voicemail” functionality for calls that come from an unknown number. When the call comes in, Contivio automatically sends the customer to voicemail. From there the voicemail will go into the queue and the next rep on duty will listen to the message, assign it to the correct agent and link the call in NetSuite.

Priority & Adaptive Routing, Queue Voicemail
CRM Screen Pops & Post-Call Updates
NetSuite Click-to-dial, Dialer Campaigns


After implementing Contivio, Spear was able to increase outbound agent efficiency by 30 seconds per call and inbound efficiency by 2 minutes per call, saving them ~35 hours of rep time per week. Now Spear’s agents can reinvest that time by placing ~4,000 more calls per month.

Utilizing Contivio’s disposition fields and supervisor reporting, Spear is able to pull reports to inform them how long their agents are spending per call type (i.e. onboarding call, 60 day check in call, renewal call, etc.) per business line, and tie it back to the success of the customer. For example, they found that the length of time the customers are engaged on the phone directly correlates to their renewal rates.

Spear now has the ability

to identify the best times of days to reach their customers based on Contivio’s dispositions, allowing them to increase their connection rates and spend more time speaking to customers.

As a next step, Spear is in the process of automating their survey distribution to understand what their Net Promoter Scores are per department, agent and product, as well as shift how they’re measuring their KPIs to drive the right behaviors – all now possible with the power of Contivio.


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Case Studies


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