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Twisted Throttle Ramps Up their International Contact Center with Contivio


Founded in 2001, Twisted Throttle designs, manufactures, imports, and distributes bike-specific motorcycle accessories and travel equipment throughout North America. Twisted Throttle’s mission is to provide the best motorcycle riding experience to their customers by delivering the best products and customer support.

The Contivio team has provided great support – during and after launch. If our Professional Services Engineer isn’t available, the rest of the Support team jumps in to help solve any problems quickly.

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October 2017

Why Contivio
  • NetSuite Integration
  • Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Global Scalability


Needed NetSuite integration to provide personalized customer service
Needed NetSuite integration to provide personalized customer service
Wanted to consolidate other channels like Chat & Email into one platform

Prior to using Contivio, Twisted Throttle’s Sales & Customer Support teams relied on 3 different vendors that did not offer NetSuite integration for Phone, Chat and Email. Because their customer support is how they differentiate themselves in the marketplace, they wanted to upgrade to a contact center solution that integrated with NetSuite (their newly selected CRM & ERP), to increase efficiency and deliver the best quality customer experience.

Jeff Rose, Twisted Throttle’s National Sales Manager, researched and read reviews for 6 different contact center solutions before choosing Contivio. After doing a thorough side by side feature comparison, he knew that Contivio was the best choice for his team.

One of the major reasons Twisted Throttle chose Contivio was their NetSuite integration – especially with regards to call recordings. They found it was difficult to find call recordings in their old system, and liked how Contivio stored the call recording URL in NetSuite directly.

Twisted Throttle also liked that Contivio offered all channels in one system to make it easier to access holistic reporting and cut back on the number of applications the reps needed to use.


The contact center launch process was straightforward with Contivio, and required minimal resources from Jeff’s team to get up and running. Jeff was able to provide Contivio with his list of agents, menu options and prompts, and from there Contivio’s team members built the entire contact center including the entire IVR flow and Routing Rules all the way down to Workforce Management.

When asking Jeff his thoughts on the implementation process, he mentioned, “This was the first time I’ve ever implemented a phone system, and it really didn’t take much to get the hang of it with Contivio.”

Since Twisted Throttle is an international business with offices in both the US and Canada

Contivio set up specific rules and workflows based on location. For example, if the customer calls the Canadian line, they will be properly routed to the Canadian office. Contivio also checks the customer’s area code to ensure that they have dialed the correct number. For instance, if a customer with a Canadian area code calls the US line by accident, Contivio will automatically route the customer to the Canadian queue. Twisted Throttle’s IVR also differs depending on the Canadian or US contact center. The Canadian contact center has extra options for English or French, as they have agents who support both languages.

In addition to the ability to support their global needs, Contivio also allowed Twisted Throttle to consolidate their phone, email and live chat into one system that integrates with NetSuite. This provided cost-savings and more holistic reporting, so now they are able to get a complete picture of each agent’s day and how much time was spent on each channel.

IVR, ACD and Location & Skills-Based Routing
NetSuite Integration
Omnichannel Capabilities (Phone, Live Chat, Email)


After launching Contivio in their contact center, Twisted Throttle was able to gain valuable insights from Contivio’s reporting. Using Contivio’s automated report emails and their real-time dashboard, it’s never been easier to keep track of KPIs including answer rate, time to answer, call handling time and more. Jeff also mentioned that “Contivio’s color-coded charts make it easy to identify trends in the data.”

Jeff’s team has also started saving call dispositions to help get a better sense of what the primary reasons for customer calls are. For example, they found that many people were calling about order tracking, so they were able to build a page on their website to help customers get the info themselves.

Using Contivio’s Administrative Tools

Jeff has saved 4-5 hours a week on things like accessing call recordings and adjusting queue routing. When the team is experiencing an increase in call volume in one location over the other, Jeff logs into Contivio’s admin portal and routes calls to the other location temporarily until they are able to keep up with the pace.

As a next step, Contivio will be finalizing the NetSuite integration piece with Twisted Throttle since Contivio launched before NetSuite was fully installed. Now that NetSuite is up and running, they are looking forward to phase 2 of the project, which will allow them to save even more time and provide better customer service.


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